Our Must Have Big Green Egg Accessories

Our Must Have Big Green Egg Accessories

Aug 10, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

The Big Green Egg is one of the most useful cooking tools around. You can get a Big Green Egg to do any type of cooking from smoking meat to grilling steak, and everything in-between. Right out of the box, your Big Green Egg is great. Adding a few ultimate must-have and nice-to-have Big Green Egg accessories will transform the cooking process.

What Accessories Do I Need with a Big Green Egg?

The very first thing you are going to want are some of the best eGGcessories on the market. Some of these Big Green Egg accessories are truly must-haves while others just simply make the process of using your Big Green Egg more enjoyable.

ConvEGGctor Plate Setter

This is an essential accessory that opens up a whole world of smoking, grilling, baking, and cooking pleasure. The plate setter is the device that allows you to cook with indirect heat and can be used just as well for cooking breads and pizza directly on the surface. Buy the real thing from Big Green Egg dealers.

Kick Ash Basket

This is a convenient solution to aid in keeping your Big Green Egg cleaned out. The Kick Ash basket holds the coals and lets you easily shake the ash down. The basket helps you regulate temperatures by keeping your coals from suffocating. The basket is stainless steel and has an electropolish finish for ultimate durability. This is one of those egg accessories that makes a big difference in the quality of your cooking.

5-Piece EGGspander Grid System

Your Big Green Eggsperience will be much improved using the EGGspander grid system. This is a set of grids that you can configure into a variety of ways to cook food. In fact, there are a total of at least 35 possible combinations you can take advantage of. The five-piece set includes a two-piece multilevel rack, a one-piece convEGGtor basket, and two cast-iron grid plates. This kit lets you cook with direct and indirect heat simultaneously for the ultimate in versatility.


The original daisy wheel cap on your egg works fine, but when you want to get serious about controlling the temperature, like when smoking, you'll need an upgrade. The rEGGulator uses a swinging cast iron lid that allows up to 50% more airflow and fully seals off the cooking chamber when closed. You can add an optional cast iron rain cover for year-round cooking no matter what the weather is doing.

Flame Boss 400

Take the worry and hassle out of smoking on your Big Green Egg with this easy-to-install controller. This is one of the best egg accessories and it will work with all models and types of kamado-style grill. The Flame Boss 400 provides you with wireless control over the temperatures. It uses a 12 cfm blower fan to improve air circulation and includes two temperature probes. The controller connects to WiFi so that you can remotely monitor and change temperatures without having to touch the egg. It's even compatible with Alexa and Google Home for added convenience.

Midwest Hearth 3" Thermometer

The thermometer on many kamado-style grills doesn't offer reliability and can stop working over time. When you replace the original Big Green Egg thermometer with this professional-quality design from Midwest Hearth, you'll get a larger, easy to read gauge that is accurate and easy to calibrate. This thermometer simply slides into place where the original gauge sets and is secured with a spring clip.

EGG Mates

The EGG Mates are the ultimate add-on shelves that are perfect Big Green Egg accessories. These shelves are made from sustainably-harvested acacia wood and feature mortise and tenon joints just like high-end furniture. This design makes these shelves incredibly strong and long-lasting. They install using hidden fasteners so your Big Green Egg looks clean and awesome. The finish matches other wood items including Big Green Egg tables, nests, and handles.


If you are searching for an easier way to ignite a fire, the electro-torch is the ultimate product for you. It uses nothing more than super-heated air to ignite charcoal in about 15 seconds. This model features two modes – one that uses heated air and a blower, the other simply blows air. Since it is just hot air, you won't have to be concerned about chemicals altering the flavor of you food. The only downside to this tool is that it must be plugged in to a wall outlet to work.

Bearded Butchers Instant Read Thermometer

The only way to really know when your meat is perfectly cooked is to use an accurate thermometer. We got tired of buying junk thermometers that were inaccurate or stopped working, so we branded our favorite design. Our instant read thermometer is highly accurate and works instantly to give you the precise temperature. It turns on automatically and turns off when you close it, so no more batteries that die right when you need your thermometer. Ours has a lifetime warranty, too.

Carnivore BBQ Gloves

One thing that grilling, smoking, and barbecuing all have in common is heat. Don't risk burning yourself on hot grills, grates, or lids. These BBQ gloves are heat-resistant up to 1,472 degrees and feature the highest possible cut resistance. They are perfect for shucking oysters, handling coal baskets, and grabbing that massive roast straight out of the smoker.

Big Green Egg SpeediClean Grate Cleaner

Tired of scrubbing the grill grates after every cooking session? Cut the work in half with this specially-formulated cleaner that is designed just for the Big Green Egg. The cleaner is citrus-based and is non-toxic. When you need to clean the outside of your kamado grill, you can also use SpeediClean exterior ceramic cleaner to keep your Big Green Egg in show stopping shape.

Make the Most of Your Grill With Our Favorite Big Green Egg Accessories

These are just a small handful of the awesome Big Green Egg accessories on the market for kamado grills. You'll find solutions to problems you don't even know about and tools that make the entire process of cooking on a Big Green Egg more enjoyable. Finding the perfect accessories to compliment your egg is a lot of fun. The products we featured today are some of our favorites that we find to be essential. Using tools like the rEGGulator and the Flame Boss 400 let you create a custom cooking setup that works the way you want it. No matter what recipes you've got on the menu, having the right tools makes cooking on a Big Green Egg the ultimate way to BBQ.

Shopping for your favorite EGGhead is easy now that you know the best Big Green Egg accessories. The featured products on this list make great gifts for Big Green Egg grillers.




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