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  • How is Charcoal Made?

    Charcoal is one of those mysterious variables in grilling and barbecuing. For every charcoal product on the market you'll find at least a dozen opinions about what is best, most traditional, or most flavorful. One thing is clear – not all charcoal is the same. The way different types of charcoal is made contributes to how the product works. You can even blend different types of charcoal to get unique flavors from your meat. It all starts with how charcoal is made.
  • How to Control Temperature on a Kamado Grill

    One of the most challenging skills you need to learn when you start grilling or smoking on a kamado grill is how to control the temperature correctly. This article will give you the knowledge you need to perfect your skills. You'll learn all about the way to set the perfect temperature on a kamado grill the first try.
  • How to Regulate Temperature in a Charcoal Grill

    Once you master the proper technique to maintain a specific temperature in your grill, you'll be able to perfectly cook any type of meat. In this article, we'll explain the components of a charcoal grill or smoker that allow the cook to get to the correct temperature and keep the temp there.
  • What is Lump Charcoal?

    Most people think of briquettes when charcoal comes up in conversation. They're the most common, but not the best to use. Charcoal that's actually made from whole pieces of hardwood is called lump charcoal. It’s often available right next to the bags of briquettes, but it’s easy to overlook. Lump charcoal burns cleaner, cleans up easily, and provides subtle smoky notes to your meal. Cooking with lump charcoal is a little different from using briquettes, so today we will show you tips and tricks using this ancient cooking source to make the most amazing meals for your family and friends.