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  • FAQ: Fall Wild Turkey Season Ohio 2021

    Fall wild turkey season is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to get out in the fields and track some wily gobblers. Regulations in Ohio for turkey season are much more strict than for many other species, so you'll need to understand the laws before setting out to hunt. We put together this frequently asked questions article to help answer most of your questions. 
  • FAQ: Cooking with Game

    We get lots of questions about wild game and what makes it different from store-bought meat. We thought it'd be a useful resource to answer some of the most common questions we get, so we put together this frequently asked questions about cooking with wild game to clear some things up. Check it out!
  • The Best Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

    One of the first things people learn when they start backpacking is that you must make choices about how much gear and equipment you actually need. Every ounce counts and one of the things that can take up lots of space is meals. Dehydrated meals are a great way to have the important nutrition you need on hand while taking up very little space and not weighing your pack down. Choosing the right dehydrated food items is essential to making sure you have the proper energy for your backpacking adventures.
  • FAQ: Deer Season Ohio 2021

    It's almost deer season in Ohio! This is one of our favorite times of year and we couldn't be more excited to get out of the house and into the woods. We put together this Frequently Asked Questions guide so that you are on top of all the latest rules, regulations, and information about deer hunting in Ohio.
  • Start a Homestead: For Beginners

    Homesteading is a lot of work, but the results can certainly be worth it. If you've thought about what it would be like to have a homestead but aren't sure where to begin or what is involved, you've found the perfect article. We'll discuss how to start a self-sufficient homestead that will save money and give you the lifestyle you've always wanted.
  • How to Start Homesteading

    In the most traditional sense, the concept of homesteading refers to the practice of being self-sufficient. The great thing about it is that anyone can learn the skills – whether you live in an apartment, have a small yard, or are trying to develop a larger property. Homesteading is what you make it. 
  • Top 5 Trail Cameras and Game Cameras

    If you're trying to get the perfect trophy buck, a trail camera is an essential tool. Unfortunately, not all trail cameras are worth the money. We are going to show you five trail cameras we think are the best and we'll discuss why we think so.
  • The Bearded Butcher’s Gift Guide 2020

    Gift giving shouldn't be stressful. The Bearded Butchers will make picking the perfect gift simple this holiday season. We’ve got all sorts of excellent gifts you’ll be happy to give any hunter or cook. Check out these great ideas to show your love and appreciation for those around you.
  • The Best Portable Tree Stand Options

    Choosing the perfect tree stand for your next deer hunting adventure is complicated.It may seem like there are only a few products on the market because so many designs are similar. It can be hard to tell the difference between a high-quality design over a budget one. Today, we're sharing some of our favorites and helping you decide what features you need from your hunting gear.
  • Deer Hunting: Bow Season in Ohio

    We're literally counting down the days to deer season. But while deer hunting is a family tradition for us, we know not everyone has gotten a chance to hunt deer. So we want to go over some key points and share information about deer hunting and deer season in Ohio.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Bowhunting Basics

    So you want to start bowhunting? Knowing the different components and equipment can help narrow your search for your first bow and help get you shooting fast. This article explains how different types of bows shoot, what makes one different from another, and how different equipment can be useful in varying shooting conditions, whether you are at a range or in the field. We'll explain terminology in simple terms and give examples of products to consider when shopping for your first bow.

  • Top Bowhunting Tech for 2020

    Believe it or not, bowhunting season is just around the corner. Right now is the time to get your gear ready for the season. Some of the top gear showed off at the Archery Trade Association show in January is already on the market. Technology is quickly finding its way into hunting gear bags, for better or worse. In this article, we are going to give our thoughts on some of the newest gear and tech we think can elevate your archery skills to the next level.