The Best Gifts Yet: Bearded Butchers 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Gifts Yet: Bearded Butchers 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 10, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

When you're picking up the essential spices and grilling items you’ll need for your holiday barbecuing, grilling, or smoking adventures, it’s a great time to snag some great gifts for everyone, even your friends and family who aren’t grilling aficionados. Check out our list of some of the coolest gifts that feature the awesome style of the Bearded Butchers.

Gifts for Coffee Drinkers

It gets cold in Ohio, like really cold. On those early mornings when we are starting the smoker before dawn, there is nothing better than a piping hot mug of Joe. We love coffee so much that we got together with some of our friends in the industry and had our own custom blend roasted up. It’s so good that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Bearded Butcher Blend Coffee

We worked with a local coffee roaster here in Ohio to produce this top-quality coffee blend. We started with beans from Costa Rica that provide a bright acidity and floral sweetness. Next, we added beans from Guatemala to build a warm, bittersweet chocolate flavor to balance the Costa Rica. To finish this coffee blend, we add beans from Ethiopia. These beans add a fruity flavor that melds the two South American beans into one delicious cup of coffee.

Bearded Butcher Coffee Mugs

The only thing better than a great cup of coffee is a great cup of coffee in your favorite coffee cup. We developed our coffee cups based on our favorite ones we use at home. Our metal mug is heavy-duty and has the perfect curve of the lip to keep coffee out of your beard sip after sip. The stoneware finish looks tough and the Bearded Butcher logo shows that you know your stuff.

If you need something even more durable, check out our insulated tumbler. This coffee mug will keep your brew toasty even on the most bitter cold mornings, it fits in the cup holder in your truck, and you can simply toss it in the dishwasher when it needs a good cleaning. We developed this mug specifically for the demanding coffee drinkers, and we think you’ll love it.

Bearded Butcher Apparel

We first started putting our logo on hats and t-shirts because we wanted to wear it. It wasn’t long before other people started clamoring for a shirt or hat of their own. We’ve gone ahead and developed an entire line of hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts that feature our favorite logos.


We’ve got a heavy-weight zip up sweatshirt with a cozy hood that makes a great gift for anyone. It features the Bearded Butcher circle logo on the front and the back is blank. We think it’s the perfect combination of snuggly warmth and functionality.

We’ve also got a lightweight hoodie that is perfect for those chilly mornings. It’s made of a cotton and poly blend that will keep you warm without adding a ton of bulk. We put our Carnivore logo on these sweaters for killer good looks.

Snap-Back Caps

Crushable, stuffable, and ultimately awesome, a great snap-back cap is essential for hanging out around the yard, catching a game, or whatever. We offer snap-back caps with either our circle Bearded Butcher logo or our Carnivore logo. Both designs are available in black, gray, or camo. These make great gifts for just about anyone and the snap-back fastener means they’ll fit just about anyone.


Our t-shirts start out life as regular, cotton blend t-shirts. Then, we take them and make them awesome by plastering our cool logos on the front. We’ve got four designs including our ‘America’s Butchers’ logo, the newest ‘BBBlend’ logo, our classic circle logo, and the ‘Carnivore’ logo. Check our website, we’ve got most designs in various colors to match anyone's fashion sense.


We’ve got a bunch of great little gifts that make it easy to show some love to anyone, anytime. These cool swag items also make excellent stocking stuffers. Featuring our legendary Bearded Butcher logo, these small gift items are a perfect way to share the love.

Bearded Butcher Insulated Bag

Here is a thoughtful and affordable gift that is one of the most useful things you can have. The insulated grocery bag stands upright to make it easy to pile in steaks, ribs, and tri-tip while the insulation keeps food cool or hot for hours. Our bag has handles that wrap all the way around the bottom for maximum durability and a zipper closure to keep things inside secure. The bag folds flat for easy storage.

Bearded Butcher Instant Read Thermometer

This little device is the essential tool for all manner of cooking, whether you're on the grill or in the kitchen. Our instant read thermometer is as simple to use as possible. When you open the stainless steel probe, the thermometer turns on. Insert the probe into whatever you are cooking and in mere moments you’ll know exactly what temperature you are at. It works perfect for roasts, fried chicken, meatloaf, and anything else you are cooking. Not only does it have a magnet on the back and our cool Bearded Butcher logo on the front, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.

Bearded Butcher Koozie

Our koozie makes a great gift and it’s a perfect way to show off the Bearded Butcher logo. They work great for all types of regular-sized cans like sodas or beer. The insulated foam will keep your beverage cool even when you forget it in the sun while handling yard work.

Bearded Butcher Jerky

We recently introduced our own line of jerky snacks and they are awesome. They also make a great way to share the flavors of the Bearded Butchers with anyone, even those who shouldn’t be around the grill. Our all-natural recipe uses the best seasonings on the planet and is made from the highest quality all-natural meat. Give the gift of a delicious, nutritious snack by sharing our fantastic and flavorful jerky.


We are constantly adding new and interesting items to our online store. When it comes time to give a gift to someone, you can save a lot of time and trouble and pick up a few of the best gifts for anyone from the Bearded Butchers.

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