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Bearded Butcher Chipotle Blend Bucket w/Shaker


4 lb. Bucket w/Shaker

Refill your shaker conveniently or season a whole bunch of product at once! Our 4 pound (64 ounce) bulk seasoning buckets include a 6oz shaker of the same flavor with every bucket. Never run out of your favorite spice! 

Cool & Smoky, The Bearded Butcher's Chipotle Blend is made with smoked chipotle peppers creating a mild bite and powerful impact, making this seasoning perfect for adding a Southwestern or Mexican twist to any dish. Our favorites are chicken wings or grilled quesadillas!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Spices (Including Paprika, Celery, Chipotle Powder), Dehydrated Garlic & Onion, Extractive of Paprika, Citric Acid.

Experience pure and natural flavor with our Bearded Butcher Blend Chipotle, which is free from sugar, anti-caking agents, and MSG. Elevate your dishes and unleash your creativity by discovering new ways to use this blend and take your cooking game to the next level. Enjoy the unbeatable taste of stepping up your game with this delicious seasoning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Proulx
Tastes Fantastic

I used Chipotle seasoning on my 12 lb brisket along with light coat of Butter Blend Seasoning and It was AMAZING my son and my wife love the Chipotle seasoning I will definitely be buying it again

Jeff Gustafson
Love the chipotle

My whole family loves this flavor of bearded butcher seasoning. I use it on everything from eggs to steaks and fish!!!!

Charlotte Whitecrow
Bearded Butcher Chipotle Blend Bulk Seasoning Bucket w/Shaker

This is The Best chipotle seasoning I have ever tasted!!!! Amazing flavor, perfect blend.

Brian Roussel
Bearded Butcher Chipotle Blend Bulk Seasoning Bucket w/Shaker

This is our favorite. We put it on everything. I love that it is gluten free and does not taste like it is all salt. Prefect blend.