Commercial Butchering & Processing Equipment


We are regularly asked about the equipment we use for butchering, from knives to beard nets to bandsaws. As a helpful resource, we have put together a list of the equipment used at our Butchering Facility, and where it can be purchased.

Some equipment that we use is listed for sale on our website, on our Cutlery Page.


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We are also a partner with Bunzl Processor Division/Koch Supplies, where a large variety of butchering and processing equipment can be purchased. Their catalogs are great resources for equipment.


Our equipment available for purchase on this website:

  • Victorinox 6" Semi-Stiff Curved Boning Knife
  • F. Dick 10" Smooth/Polished Honing Steel
  • Victorinox 8" Breaking Knife
  • Victorinox 10" Breaking Knife

    Equipment available for purchase at

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