The Bearded Butchers

Encapsulated Lactic Acid 5oz - 1.5 oz for 25 lb Meat


Bearded Butchers Encapsulated Lactic Acid is a great alternative to citric acid (aka sausage tang). For some, sausage tang adds too much flavor to a traditional meat stick or summer sausage.

Lactic acid is nearly flavorless and is a great alternative for the same pH reduction and less added, unwanted flavor.

** If you are looking for lactic acid starter, this is a different product and is not to be used in the same way **

Encapsulated lactic acid is coated and made to be released at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, to make meat that is safe, encapsulated lactic acid must be used and added in the proper order and cannot be ground. See the video below in which The Bearded Butchers use encapsulated citric acid. Encapsulated Lactic Acid can be added and used exactly the same way.

Each packet of Bearded Butchers Encapsulated Lactic Acid contains 5oz and is recommended to be used for 25 lb of ground meat.

Encapsulated Lactic Acid is different than plain lactic Acid. You cannot grind it or it will not work for its intended purpose.