Burch Barrel: Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

Burch Barrel: Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

Apr 27, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Today we're going to share with you one of the coolest new cooking devices we've seen in years. This thing is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to get perfect results, no matter what you're cooking. Born from the wild open spaces and rugged individuals that make Montana such a wonderful place, the Burch Barrel is a revolutionary take on the classic campfire cooker. We've been spending some time lately pushing our Burch Barrel to its limits so that we can share the experience with you. Follow along as we lift the lid and get cooking.

Burch Barrel Hanging Grill And Smoker

The first time you see a Burch Barrel cooking system, you might think "Okay, a hanging grill, I've seen that before." Then you notice the cool pistol grip lever system. You realize that the barrel holds the fire instead of hanging over a fire pit. And then you see the absolutely brilliant lid and lift design and you suddenly realize that this oh-so-familiar design is something completely new.

That's not the best part, though. The first time you sear a steak on a Burch Barrel and lower the temp to finish cooking by lifting the grate, you wonder why no one thought of this decades ago. This is so much more than just another hanging campfire grill, it's a real camping cookout solution you'll love using as much as we do. If you're interested in trying one of these out, make sure to use our code BEARDEDBUTCHERS for 10% off!

Burch Barrel Features

Unboxing a brand-new grill is always exciting. We were pumped to get ours out of the box and into action, so much so that we had to slow down and remember that we wanted to share the experience with you. When you love grilling and smoking as much as we do, the sight of stainless steel and aluminum sparkling in it's manufacturers packaging gets us going like a kid on Christmas morning. Before you put one part of this cooking system together, you can feel the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the design and execution. It feels like a high-end product right off the bat, and that's always a sign of good things to come.

Setup and Breakdown

One thing that gets irritating real quick is complex assembly instructions that don't always make a whole lot of sense. If you despise illogical assembly instructions and complicated products, you're going to love putting the Burch Barrel together. The tripod legs simply thread together with the lift cable guide running through the top bracket.

Burch Barrel even solves one of the biggest obstacles to campfire cooking – keeping everything level. The adjustable legs feature a slip and lock adjustment that makes leveling a simple, one-person step. No matter if you are grilling salmon on the rocky shores of the river or deep in the woods smoking some deer strips. The barrel sits level and secure, every time. No more fiddling around trying to stack rocks just right to keep the kettle from tilting on uneven legs.

The easy setup and breakdown means Burch Barrel is ready to smoke your brisket in minutes. No searching for tools, struggling to get poorly designed parts to fit, or worrying about poor quality parts failing before you even get started. The packable design means Burch Barrel goes where you go, and at only 55 pounds, it's a perfectly portable camping barbecue that brings people together. Whether you're setting up camp miles from civilization or putting on a backyard barbecue with friends and family, the Burch Barrel is going to be one of your favorite cooking systems.

High-Quality Components

The barrel and lid are made from super-durable 304 stainless steel and aluminum components that combine to give you a lightweight grill that's also incredibly durable. The barrel is suspended by spring-loaded tension hooks that keep the base in place while the lid lifts with a cable. This is one of those things that just makes so much sense when you see it in action, it's hard to understand why we've been lifting and lowering the cooking kettle for tens of thousands of years. That's because now you can lift just the lid, or with the quick twist of a lock collar, you can raise the grill grate too.

There are probably ten great things about this design, but here are two features right away: lifting the lid and the grill together makes adding wood to the fire safe, while also keeping the meat covered and in the heat zone. Brilliant!

The more time you spend looking at the high-grade steel, metal fasteners, unfailing welds, and reliable coatings, the more you realize that this barbecue was thoughtfully built from the get-go. Every aspect, from the stainless steel grate to the durable coal pan and adjustable legs, makes the Burch Barrel more than just another outdoor firepit. This is one of those designs that brings friends together to savor the moment when that perfectly grilled fish, smoked ribs, or seared steak is sizzling and ready.

How to Cook on a Burch Barrel

It takes just minutes to set up the tripod legs and hang the Burch Barrel before you are ready to start grilling or smoking. The coal pan gives you lots of options, from using lump charcoal, briquettes, or even raw wood. The durable and simple design lets you cook your way. Start your fuel in a charcoal chimney, load up the pan, and drop the grate in place. It's that easy to get grilling on the Burch Barrel.

Now, even the best design isn't worth beans if you can't easily control the temperature, and this is where the revolutionary aspect of the Burch Barrel comes in. A stoker vent system provides you with control of your burn rate and the vented lid and grate assembly make it easy to fine-tune the flame for your perfect BBQ temperature. The lift system is just a pleasure to use. The pistol grip slide lets you adjust height settings of the suspended grate and lid assembly with one hand, so you aren't fiddling around trying to manage too many things at once. This is the perfect outdoor cooking system to smoke a pile of ribs, sear your sides, or toast s'mores under the stars.

Our Final Thoughts

Since the first time we lifted the lid on a Burch Barrel, our imagination has been running wild. The list of things we want to cook on the Burch Barrel just keeps getting longer. This is such an enjoyable system to use, it boggles our mind that it hasn't always existed. We have always loved getting together around a campfire, but there is something truly magical about gathering with friends and family to enjoy the warmth of a suspended cooking system. Don't just take our word for it though. Burch Barrel offers easy shipping and a limited lifetime warranty to make sure you are as happy with your barrel years down the line as you are the day you open the box. If you order one, remember to use our Burch Barrel discount code BEARDEDBUTCHERS for 10% off!



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