How Does the Big Green Egg Work?

How Does the Big Green Egg Work?

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

The Big Green Egg is an impressive-looking cooking instrument. The deep green color is unmistakable and unique innovations make the Big Green Egg one of the most versatile ways to cook outdoors. The basic design is known as a kamado grill and it dates back into the ethos of time. Historical references to these types of cooking instruments can be found in ancient China over 3,000 years ago.

The Big Green Egg has evolved over time to incorporate a number of unique features that help it outperform competitors. Understanding how the special design of the Big Green Egg affects the way that it cooks can help you when you are trying to decide which kamado-style grill is best for you.

What Makes the Big Green Egg So Special?

The first thing you notice about the Big Green Egg is the elegant green exterior color and texture of the ceramic lid. This special design is one of the ways the Big Green Egg works to cook food. The ceramic construction helps to isnulate and retain the heat from cooking so you can maintain temperature control easily over long periods of time.

With the lid open, you see the ceramic fire box inside and the stainless steel cooking grid. The use of these two types of materials ensures that you will get many years of use from the Big Green Egg without having to replace common parts. A removable basket is also available to make cleaning the fire box fast and easy.

The most important function of the Big Green Egg is the unique lower air flow control that offers a sliding vent. The special cast iron top vent cap is an adjustable design that makes it simple to have precise temperature control. We highly recommend upgrading the top vent to the rEGGulator design that offers superior temperature control if your model doesn't already include this design. Many of the newest Eggs will already have the special top vent. This patented airflow system helps to regulate the Big Green Egg and prevent temperature spikes.

The combination of high-quality ceramic construction and a special sealing lid means the Big Green Egg does a superior job of retaining heat. Airflow, heat, and smoke naturally and efficiently circulate through the Egg to ensure consistent results. The unique shape and design of the Egg ensures this process works flawlessly each and every time you fire your Big Green Egg up.

The fire box is specifically designed for use with high-quality lump charcoal. A lump charcoal grill produces significantly better results than a barbecue using briquettes without the health risks and the poor performance of self-lighting charcoal. The patented air flow system ensures the Egg's temperature control is simple to maintain. 

Why We Love the Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a fully modern design that is based on a classic cooking instrument from ancient tradition. The ceramic surface makes it ideal for holding temperatures while ensuring longterm durability and easy cleaning. The Big Green Egg has an excellent track record, a great warranty, and a whole world of accessories to tryout. The best thing is the community of cooks who band together to share tips and tricks for cleaning and lighting the grill, recipes for the best pork butt or chicken, and help anyone who is unsure of what the best way to use the Big Green Egg is. The level of involvement from regular users is phenomenal and one of the reasons we really like the Big Green Egg.


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