Must-Have Griddle Accessories

Must-Have Griddle Accessories

Feb 02, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Cooking on a griddle is a fun and increasingly popular way for grill masters to try new things. A griddle gives you a cast iron-like cooking surface perfect for frying, searing, and grilling. You can even set a griddle up to work as a smoker. A griddle can be a versatile tool, too. It's easy to go from breakfast to lunch, then cook dinner on a griddle. We've even shared some of our favorite griddle recipes on our blog.

Having the right accessories makes cooking on a griddle even more fun. Some things out there are just gimmicks but some accessories are simply essential. Today, we are going to let you know about the best accessories for griddle cooking and show you some examples of things we think are worth buying.

Cleaning and Griddle Care Accessories

Even the best quality griddle isn't going to last if you don't properly condition and care for the surface. A properly conditioned griddle surface will let you fry an egg without sticking and sear a steak perfectly. There are a few accessories that are great for keeping your griddle in fantastic condition.

Blackstone Seasoning and Conditioner

Blackstone takes the guesswork out of what the correct product to use for seasoning and conditioning griddle surfaces and cast iron cookware. This conditioner is excellent for seasoning a new griddle or restoring a like-new surface to a freshly cleaned griddle. This is an excellent product that works on all griddles. This is one of the essential Blackstone griddle accessories.

Blackstone Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit is one of the best Blackstone griddle accessories you can use on any griddle or cast iron cookware. The kit includes three heavy-duty scouring pads with a handle and a useful six-inch stainless steel scraper that makes it much easier to bust loose that badly burnt on food. This kit is a great way to get the best cleaning products in one easy package. It's pretty popular and tends to sell out, so we also like this one if it's not available.

Accessories for Protecting Your Griddle

Keeping your griddle in like-new condition requires that you protect the surface from moisture, impacts, and debris. Picking up a couple of accessories can make it simple to protect your griddle.

Blackstone Griddle Cover

A cover for your griddle is the easiest way to keep your griddle safe. This Blackstone griddle cover fits 28" griddles, barbecues, and gas grills. It's made of a PVC material that resists sun, rain, snow, and mildew. It features buckle straps to keep the cover secure even in high winds. You can find covers on Amazon for your griddle no matter what shape and size.

Blackstone Hard Cover

If you want the ultimate in protection for your griddle, the Blackstone griddle hardcover is an essential accessory for protecting the surface of your griddle. This metal cover has two handles and hangs off the back when the griddle is in use. It's an ideal way to prevent damage to your griddle. It's also the best way to keep your fabric cover from getting greasy. It's available for 36" and 28" griddles with grease drains in either the front or back.

Griddle Cooking Accessories

Right out of the box, your griddle is a wonderful tool for cooking. A few simple accessories can really take your cooking experience to the next level. Just adding a couple of items to your accessory kit can transform the way you cook.

Blackstone 5 Piece Tool Kit

Cooking the best meals on your griddle requires good-quality tools, and this 5-piece set from Blackstone is one of the best you'll find. The kit starts out with two spatulas, one that's for flipping burgers, and the other is a traditional size spatula. The Blackstone griddle accessories tool kit also includes 14" tongs, an elegant meat fork, and a serving spoon. Each tool has a beautiful wood handle. This accessory kit makes a great gift, too. The two spatulas alone are worth the price of this kit.

Blackstone Steaming Dome

This 12" steaming dome is a great accessory for mastering griddle cooking. The stainless steel dome is the best way to melt cheese on burgers or steam vegetables. It's also a great tool to have when frying bacon because it works to prevent oil splatter. The handle is heat resistant, too. It's a great way to reduce cooking time or keep food warm on the griddle. When it's time to clean up, the stainless steel dome can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Blackstone Wind Screen

These are awesome accessories when you are trying to griddle and it's windy outside. The Blackstone griddle wind guards hang on the sides of the griddle and prevent strong winds from causing temperature changes. The guards will work on any griddle. Each panel is 15.5" long and 2" tall and comes in a package of four. The wind guard can also reduce oil spatter and keep hair, leaves, and dirt off the griddle while you are cooking.

Lodge Burger Press

This is a treat to use and makes the best smash burgers you've ever tasted. It's made of solid cast iron and has a spiral-wound handle to help protect your hands from heat. This Lodge cast iron press is heirloom-quality and easy to clean. All you have to do to make smash burgers is toss a ball of beef on the griddle and press down with the burger press. This tool is also a great accessory when used as a bacon press. The press keeps the bacon strips from wrinkling and makes them nice and crispy. It works great for grilled onions, too.

Bearded Butcher Carnivore Griddle Gloves

These are some of the most important accessories for your griddle. Heat resistant gloves make cooking a pleasure because your hands don't get seared from splattered oil or high temperatures. These gloves are made of an aramid fabric that provides up to 1,472 degrees of searing heat and is also four times more cut resistant than leather. These gloves are comfortable to wear and provide plenty of flexibility, while ensuring you don't get cut or burned at the griddle.

Yukon Glory Stainless Steel Griddle Caddy

One of the things that tend to happen when you are griddling is that you run out of places to put stuff. Solve that problem with this excellent griddle accessory caddy. It's got space for two squeeze bottles for your oil or water, spatulas, and things like your favorite Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning. The stainless steel construction is heavy-duty and it's designed to work with practically any open-top griddle, but it is specifically designed for Blackstone griddle models.

Magnetic Griddle Lamps

Inevitably, you'll find yourself at the griddle when the light has gone. Trying to see your food in the dark is not the best way to get good results, but these tools can help solve the problem. These magnetic base lamps provide a bright spotlight to help you see exactly what you are doing. Whether you're waiting on that last stubborn pork chop or cleaning the griddle after a long day of cooking, a magnetic griddle lamp helps you cook perfectly. These feature a gooseneck design so you can put the light just where you want it and they are powered by three AA batteries which are included.

Accessories that Make Great Gifts

Some of the accessories available for griddle cooks make excellent gifts. That's because these accessories are valuable to anyone who wants to be a better on the grill, griddle, BBQ, or in the kitchen. These are some of our favorite gift ideas for griddle cooking perfection.

Bearded Butcher Instant Read Thermometer

Nothing beats perfection, and our instant read thermometer will give you the best shot at perfectly cooked meat. It's super easy to use, just open the probe to turn it on and close it to turn it off. In just a few seconds you'll know precisely what temperature your meat is cooked to, so no more over or under cooking. Plus, it's got a lifetime warranty.

Thermopro TP20 Meat Thermometer

This is one of our favorite meat thermometers to give as a gift. It offers the best technology, including two probes for simultaneously monitoring multiple meat items or you can use it to keep an eye on the surface temperature of your griddle. The Bluetooth monitor wirelessly lets you know when your meat is at the perfect temperature.

Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning 6 Pack

The ultimate accessory for griddle, grill, or smoker, our all-natural and gluten-free seasoning blends are unique, flavorful, and delicious. When we say "use it on everything" we mean it. Our blends are expertly crafted to bring out the best flavors of beef, pork, chicken, fish, and wild game. There's a blend for everyone, and the six pack gives you the chance to share your favorite seasonings with fellow griddle masters.

Enjoy Cooking with Our Must Have Griddle Accessories

Cooking on a griddle is a great way to prepare healthy foods because it uses very little oil. A good griddle works as well as your favorite cast iron skillet for cooking all sorts of things. The accessory kit that works best will depend on the way you like to use your griddle, but many of the items on this list we think are essential. The most important thing is to have fun. Cooking is all about the experience, and it should be enjoyable. One of the things we love about cooking on a griddle is the large workspace that lets everyone join in.

Whether you are cleaning your griddle, or protecting it from the elements, a few accessories go a long way to protecting your investment and keeping your griddle ready to use the next time. We really like accessories that actually help make the process better, and simple things like good spatulas, a sharp scraper, and a place to keep your Bearded Butcher Blend Seasonings make the cooking process fun and easy.



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