Our Favorite Post Workout Snack: Beef Jerky

Our Favorite Post Workout Snack: Beef Jerky

Sep 03, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

You've been at the gym and seen those folks who are just ripped with muscle and downing protein shakes before, during, and after their workout. The reason is protein helps protect and repair muscles damaged from exercise. The downside to those products is that they are often also loaded with fillers, unnecessary preservatives, and all sorts of other chemicals that you probably don't know the purpose of and don't really need for post workout recovery.

If you're looking for a healthy, delicious, and convenient alternative to overpriced whey protein powders, premade shakes, and protein bars – you should take a look at beef jerky for your post workout meal.

Why Post Workout Snacks Matter

When you exercise, your body is burning fat which requires that your cells produce energy. That energy comes from carbs and protein in your diet. If you don't refuel with the proper nutrients after working out, you can actually do more harm than good by damaging muscles that don't have the means to heal properly. Your workout is supposed to make you healthier, so you should be doing whatever it takes to make sure you get the proper nutrition when pumping iron, running, or taking a spin class.

Eating a protein rich snack or meal after a workout helps replenish the lost nutrients that your body burns and expels so that you can recover quickly and get the best results. Muscle building isn't possible without proper nutrition, and jerky happens to be one of the best sources of amino acids, protein, and carbs essential for muscle recovery after a hard workout.

What Should You Eat Post-Workout?

You'll see lots of personal trainers marketing protein bars, energy drinks, and all sorts of pills and supplements that are supposed to amp up the results of your workout. Some of these products are fine, but almost all of them contain unnecessary ingredients, high levels of sugars, and preservatives that can have long-term effects on the effectiveness of your workout. Good quality beef jerky doesn't.

Choosing the right post workout snacks to eat after a workout will make sure you have a good source of healthy protein and carbohydrates. That's why we think beef jerky is an excellent choice for your next post workout snack.

Easy Protein Snack After Workout

Beef jerky is packed with everything you need to recover from a hard workout. It typically contains nine grams of protein per ounce. Traditionally, jerky has been carried by travelers, hunters, and nomads because it packs easily, stays fresh, and provides the ultimate in quick and easy nutrition. You can take advantage of the same power-packed snack that's been the ultimate go-to since the stone age.

Health Benefits of Beef Jerky

Some people wonder whether or not beef jerky is healthy. Well, we're telling you kind of is. Beef jerky can contain as much as 18 grams of protein per serving. It's also low in fat. Better yet, the fat found in beef jerky is primarily healthy fat your body needs for proper cell function. Even the biggest downside to jerky – a high sodium content – isn't as big a concern when you're working out. That's because many of the salts in jerky are essential electrolytes lost through sweat when you work out. The salts in beef jerky help with recovery and refuel you so you can carry on with the rest of your day. That's what makes jerky one of the best post workout snack ideas.

Not All Jerky is the Same

Just like most other things in life, there is good jerky and there is not-so-good jerky. The best jerky is the kind you make at home. It's a bit of work and takes a bit of time to do, so many people simply prefer to grab a bag of premade jerky for their perfect after workout meal. We've made a few videos and written a few blogs about making your own jerky, but we also understand that many people aren't as meat-fanatic as we are. That's why we decided it was time to make our own jerky products you can simply grab and go on the way to the gym. Our Bearded Butcher Beef Bites are made without unnecessary nitrites, nitrates, preservatives, and contains no gluten or artificial colors or flavors. It's perfect for Keto or Paleo diets, it tastes great, and our special process ensures that you get delicious, tender hunks of beef that don't rip out your fillings when you eat it.

Not Just the Perfect After-Workout Snack

Did you know that your pre-workout snack is just as important as your post-workout snack? A serving of jerky before you hit the gym gives your body the jump start it needs to perform at it's best, helping you to lose weight, build muscle, and feel great.

Maximize Your Next Workout with Beef Jerky

When you make the decision to maximize your workout, you are trying to be as healthy as you can. Skip the manufactured protein bars, bottles of weird protein shake stuff, and other gimmicks that don't do you much good and grab a bag of Bearded Butchers Beef Bites. They're wholesome, nutritious, and easy to take with you when you are on the go as a post workout snack. You'll get the most from your workout and feel great.

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