Pro Tips: Grilling Every Classic BBQ Food

Pro Tips: Grilling Every Classic BBQ Food

Jul 09, 2020Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

The summer sun is finally here, and it’s time to get grilling. Instead of just telling you "how to grill chicken" or a specific barbecue recipe, we're going to share some of our favorite pro tips we have learned over the years for taking popular BBQ dishes over the top. We are going to tackle some common myths and point out some mistakes even experienced grill masters make. We hope you share these tips with your friends and family while gathering around a grill this summer.

Prepping Your Grill

If you want superior results from your grilling experience, it’s vital you make sure your equipment is ready to go. A grill should be periodically cleaned, especially if it has sat all winter. Always make sure you have plenty of propane, charcoal, or fresh pellets on hand to avoid the embarrassment of running out of fuel. While you're at it, grab a spray bottle of water with a few drops of dish soap. A quick spray around your gas lines will tell you if you have a leak. Leaks are wasteful and can be dangerous. If you are using pellets in your smoker, always start with fresh, dry pellets for consistent cooking temperatures. 

Pro Burger Tips:

The traditional burger can really get turned up with the use of a meat grinder. Select boneless cuts of beef. The best are chuck roast and sirloin. Ask the butcher for trimmings if you don’t cut and trim your own beef at home. A little beef trimmings will bump up the fat and that means great flavor. The trick is to keep the meat, bowl, and grinder cold throughout the process. 
Place your ground beef in a large metal bowl fresh out of the freezer or refrigerator. Break the beef up gently. Sprinkle seasoning on your meat and carefully mix it in. An ice-cold spoon often works well and keeps your hands out of the meat. 

Pro Recipe Tip: Bearded Butcher Burgers

We use a mixture of chuck and sirloin, with a generous amount of trimming fat tossed in, then run it all through a meat grinder. With our meat ready to go, we are going to add a little West Coast flavor, then kick it up a notch with some of our personal seasonings. 
Shake about two teaspoons per pound of Worcestershire Sauce and an equal amount of yellow mustard into the meat. If you have ever eaten at In-and-Out Burgers, this is how they get that amazing Animal Style flavor. Next, get a good coat of Bearded Butcher Original Seasoning Blend in there. The original blend has a mild heat, along with savory garlic and onion flavors. This will take your burger over the top. Gently form balls or patties, then put the meat back into the refrigerator until it’s grilling time.
When grilling burgers, place them on a very hot grill and don’t mess with them until the juices running out of the top are clear. Then flip your burgers only once. This gives a nice char, and produces a juicy burger that is not overcooked.

Pro Chicken Tips:

Chicken is perhaps one of the easiest proteins to ruin on a grill. Getting just the right doneness without drying out the meat can be a serious challenge. A tip to get the perfectly cooked chicken every time is all about preparation. For starters, the grill should be very hot. Use a little vegetable oil on the grill just before placing the room-temperature chicken on. Turn one side of the grill down to about a medium-low, and place the chicken on the hot side to sear. Flip it once to sear both sides, then move it to the cooler side. Cover the grill and don’t open it any more than absolutely necessary. 

Pro Recipe Tip: Ultimate Bearded Butchers BBQ Chicken

For absolutely the best BBQ chicken ever, liberally coat your chicken with Bearded Butcher Rebel Red Sauce before it goes on the grill. If you are using skin-on chicken (highly recommended) you should rub the sauce between the skin and meat. Add in a little of our Bearded Butchers Hollywood Seasoning for an extra kick. Baste periodically for that awesome, mouthwatering BBQ flavor.

Smoked Roast Pro Tip:

Every experienced smoker cook has to deal with “the stall.” When a roast reaches an internal temperature around 170 degrees, the meat doesn’t continue heating at the same speed. If left alone, a roast stuck in the stall becomes dry before it reaches 205 degrees. The trick to make it work is quite simple. When the roast hits the stall temperature, pull it off, wrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil, and put it back on. The foil reflects heat back into the meat and pushes the temperature quickly up to pulled pork perfection temps around 205 degrees. 

Recipe Tip: Bearded Butchers Pulled Pork Sandwich

After following our recipe for the perfect smoked pork butt, don’t forget to let your pork roast rest before unwrapping it. Resting lets the juices settle back in. Plan on at least 45 minutes of rest, but you can let it go three or four hours as needed. Coat your pulled pork in Bearded Butchers BBQ Sauce to create the best smoked pulled pork sandwich of all time. 

Pro Fish Tips:

Grilled fish is simply one of those amazing, delicious meals that is way too easy to mess up on the grill. Flaky fish, like trout, cod, or halibut should be wrapped in foil before it goes on the grill. Skin-on fish, like salmon, snapper, and rockfish can be cooked right on the grill. 
Fish cooks faster than other proteins and does not need to reach the same high temperatures. Most fish will be fully cooked at 120 degrees. You can tell your fish is ready when it just starts to flake. Most fish will appear undercooked at this point, but don’t keep cooking it. Instead, pull it off and let it rest. It’ll keep cooking and will be just perfect. 

Pro Recipe Tip: Bearded Butchers Grilled Salmon

Salmon is the second most consumed fish in the U.S. Almost all salmon these days is farm-raised. The debate over which is better rages on, and it’s really a matter of personal decision-making when buying wild-caught vs. farmed fish. Farm-raised salmon is usually higher in fat than wild caught, which is better on the grill. 
The trick to a great piece of salmon is to start with a whole fillet. Rinse the fillet in very cold water. Mix melted butter, pressed garlic, and the juice of about half a lemon, then baste the flesh well. With the grill good and hot, apply a light coat of vegetable oil to keep the skin from sticking, then carefully lay the salmon skin side down on the grill. Use the Bearded Butchers Black Seasoning Blend just as the moisture starts to show but before the fish starts to flake. Once the flakes begin to open, remove the fillet and let it rest 15 to 20 minutes. 

Pro Ribs Tips:

Ribs can be one of the more challenging proteins on the grill. The meat is often thin in areas and thick in others, making it difficult to cook well. Some cuts of ribs are easier to manage than others. You can season ribs several hours before you are ready to cook. They can even set in the refrigerator overnight to really soak up the spices. 

Pro Recipe Tip: Bearded Butchers BBQ Ribs

The favorite cut of ribs for this recipe is Korean style ribs. Korean ribs are cut in thin layers against the bone, leaving just a tiny bit of the rib and all the meat. The thin cut gives consistent cooking times and temperatures. This recipe uses brown sugar, honey, garlic, and a mixture of the Bearded Butchers Original and Hot Seasoning Blends. 
Put everything into a big metal bowl, work the seasonings in real well, and refrigerate overnight or until ready. With your grill very hot, place the ribs on. The thin cuts cook quickly, so don’t get distracted. The sugar and honey will caramelize and give your ribs that lip-smacking delicious flavor, while locking in the moisture. 

Keep Our Pro Tips in Mind for Your Next BBQ

Grilling is fun, but lots of people stress about ruining a good piece of meat by cooking it incorrectly. If you follow the tips above, you'll have best BBQ. In fact, your friends and family will suddenly want you to grill for every get together. The Bearded Butcher Seasoning Blends are your secret weapon to creating the best BBQ meal. 


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