Top Bowhunting Tech for 2020

Top Bowhunting Tech for 2020

Aug 04, 2020Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Believe it or not, bowhunting season is just around the corner. Before long, the days will be noticeably shorter and cool breezes will return. It’ll be time to get back to nature and away from the numerous stressors this year has brought. The Archery Trade Association show, where all the great new stuff debuts, was held back in January. Now that seems like a lifetime ago. Breathe a sigh of relief – the rumors hunting season would be cancelled were nothing more than rumors. 

Right now is the time to get your gear ready for the season. Some of the top gear showed off at the ATA in January is already on the market. Technology is quickly finding its way into hunting gear bags, for better or worse. The ATA show gave a good sneak peak at the upcoming future of bowhunting. In this article, we are going to give our thoughts on some of the newest gear and tech we think can elevate your archery skills to the next level. 

Trail Camera Upgrade: SpyPoint Cell-Link LTE

Trail cameras are great tools to have on a hunt, but they can only tell you what was there. With the SpyPoint Cell-Link LTE, any non-cellular trail camera can be converted to a cellular camera in seconds. Now, you can monitor a trail camera on your cell phone or tablet from your inconspicuous blind or even from home.  

The SpyPoint Cell-Link connects through the SD card slot. When your trail camera takes a picture, the Cell-Link sends the images to you. It’s that simple. The adapter includes a strap to mount it to a tree or other object. It works with any camera. It’s an affordable way to easily upgrade a trail camera you already like, but wish had remote viewing capabilities. Retrieving images requires a contract, but the cost is only $10 per month for unlimited photos. 

Who is this Product For?

The SpyPoint is a great gadget for hunters looking to upgrade existing trail cameras that do not have cellular capabilities. The Cell-Link is a great choice for anyone looking for a great product at a great price. 


  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy and affordable upgrade


  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • Requires subscription for additional cost

Bowhunting Arrow Rest Upgrade: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V

The newest addition to the Whisker Biscuit line, Trophy Ridge introduces the V-Max. The unique v-shaped notch centers the arrow. Trophy Ridge claims the design eliminates side to side arrow movement and greatly improves accuracy. The B-Max is the most expensive of the V-series arrow rests because it offers both wind age and range adjustment. 

The special design of the nylon bristles in the three brush holders keeps your arrow in place for a nearly foolproof shot. The new design reduces friction between the bristles and the shaft to provide consistent shot accuracy arrow after arrow. 

Who is this Gear For?

The Whisker Biscuit is a great upgrade to any bow, if you like this type of rest. Some shooters simply prefer blade or notch type, and some like a drop rest. But if you like a containment-style rest, the Whisker Biscuit V-Max is the real deal. It is constructed of aluminum and has rubber arrow guides for silent operation.


  • Minimal shaft contact
  • Elevation and windage micro-adjustments


  • Design is not for everyone. 
  • Can be bulky on some bows

Crossbow Tech Upgrade: Sig Sauer BDX

The BDX system from Sig Sauer is a truly revolutionary product line for any crossbow hunter. It works by using a compatible range finder and a rifle scope to get highly accurate range. The scope provides an enhanced view down field, making it much easier to spot targets in hiding. The scope produces a calibrated laser dot to indicate where the shot will strike. This provides unparalleled accuracy from a crossbow. All you have to do is input information about your crossbow, bolts, and other details into the app, and the scope and rangefinder will produce unparalleled detail, giving you the best shot possible. 

Sig Sauer has added crossbow compatibility to the entire range of BDX-equipped scopes. They all require a BDX-capable KILO rangefinder. The scope is available in different magnifications all featuring illuminated Electro-Optics technology. The 3.5x10x32mm scope is an excellent choice for crossbows because of its light weight. The BDX system will get you shooting better and improve ethical harvesting of wild game.

Who is this Gear For?

Crossbow hunters that want to take advantage of the latest optics and technology will love this tool. The cost is fairly steep, but the optics alone are worth the expense. The Sig Sauer BDX system works with any crossbow and will seriously up your bowhunting game.


  • Unbelievable sighting upgrade
  • Very accurate


  • Requires BDX-compatible KILO rangefinder
  • Expensive

Fiber-Optic Upgrade: Trophy Ridge React 5-Pin Bowsight

Making the transition from a peep sight to a more advanced sighting system can seem overwhelming. But spend just a few minutes on the range with the newest 5-pin fiber optic sight from Trophy Ridge and you’ll be a convert. The fiber optics provide bright and clear indicators in any light and a built-in rheostat provides brightness adjustment that comes in handy in all types of light. The exclusive React technology allows users to dial in pinpoint accuracy at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards with the turn of a single knob. It just doesn’t get easier than this to get consistent accuracy from a bowsight.

The design of the React sight allows rigid mounting options on any bow and prevents vibration that less well-designed sights suffer. The React offers dual range adjustment for windage and elevation that adjusts without the use of tools. Shooters can quickly make changes to their rig on the go, without missing a shot. The React 5-pin bowsight is available in left-hand and right-hand versions and comes in your choice of black or camo to match your favorite bow. 

Who is the Gear For?

Anyone looking to upgrade cheap, factory sights, peep sights, or replace an older fiber optic sight that isn’t very good. You'll see an instant upgrade in their accuracy. If you get frustrated easily trying to dial in the sight on your bow for various different distances, the React will meet your needs. 


  • Intensely bright fiber optic pins
  • Quick and easy adjustment for numerous distances


  • Requires shooters to have higher draw weight and higher feet-per-second capability to sight correctly
  • Some manufacturing issues with the lighted reticle

Game Camera Upgrade: Moultrie X-Series Cell Trail Camera

Tired of using old trail cameras with grainy, distorted images that force you to guess what you are looking at? It’s time to upgrade your trail surveillance with the Moultrie X-Series Cellular trail camera. The newest design from Moultrie is available with data service for major carriers. The camera shoots extremely high-resolution 20-megapixel images and 1080P video, all accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are holed up. One of the really great features of this setup is the ability to add notes to images and videos so you can find pictures of a specific animal without having to thumb through hundreds of images. 

The Moultrie X-Series uses 12 AA batteries and provides around three months of images. Data plans cost around $4.99 a month. Subscribed users have online access to images any time, anywhere using the well-designed Moultrie app. You can even change settings remotely to ensure you get the best quality image possible. 

Who is This Gear For?

Hunters looking to buy a top-quality trail camera should start here. Whether you are well-accustomed to using trail cameras or are just starting to explore how much a good camera can improve your bowhunting outcomes, Moultrie has built a fantastic camera in the brand-new X-series. 


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent image quality


  • Requires a cellular network
  • Night images could be better

Binocular Upgrade: Steiner Predator Auto-Focus Binoculars

Binoculars are an essential tool for any hunt, not just bowhunting. A great pair of binoculars allows the hunter to track and trail animals well beyond sight, sound, and smell distances, and gives a great view of what is beyond your ability to see clearly. While any decent set of binoculars will give shooters an advantage, the Steiner Predator binoculars are a step above and beyond anything else on the market. The tech that sets these apart from inferior binoculars is intense; they automatically focus on moving objects – like that trophy buck moving through brush – all while providing crystal-clear 3-dimensional image quality. Color Adjusted Transmission lenses provide an unequaled image that makes game animals pop out of hiding spots. 

Steiner engineers these binoculars for the serious hunter. The frame is made from lightweight, but bomb-proof Makrolon. The always-in-focus feature will get you into a shot position faster because you won’t waste time trying to see what you are looking for. Pick up a pair of these binoculars before your next bowhunting trip and spot that Whitetail standing perfectly still in cover, before he slips away.

Who is this Gear For?

Any hunter will benefit from Steiner Predator binoculars. If you are using old-school binds that are just some lenses, it might be time to jump into the future and get these CAT-equipped binoculars. But, more people than just hunters will appreciate these. Bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, and even sports fans (when we have spectator sports again) will love using Steiner binoculars. Like we said, they're not just for bowhunting.


  • Incredible image quality 
  • Autofocus is wonderful for tracking moving targets


  • High cost tool
  • Does not work well in low light conditions


We know that many of you are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and into the field. Lets face it, a bad day bowhunting is better than a good day at work. When you decide to upgrade your gear, it’s worth taking the time to look at some of the more technologically advanced products out there these days. Many of these tools will make better shooters, and clean harvests are something we believe in whole-heartedly. The modern world may be a frightening place at home, but the tech we have today ensures our days in the field will be better than ever before. So before you head out on the bowhunting trip, make sure to check out some upgrades from our list.


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