What is High Temp Cheese?

What is High Temp Cheese?

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Several of our best-selling sausages and DIY sausage-making kits include high-temp cheeses that add creaminess and flavor to the finished sausage. There is a little magic involved in making a cheese that can withstand the temperature of the smoker without melting all over the place. Not only is high-temp cheese excellent for adding to brats and burgers, but you can also grill or smoke these cheeses for a unique addition to charcuterie boards.

What is the Difference Between High Temp Cheese and Regular Cheese?

High temp cheese is made differently than regular cheese in order to give the finished product the ability to withstand heat. But high temp cheese typically does not have any extra ingredients added that regular cheese wouldn't, so it is still nutritionally equivalent to regular cheeses.

How Do They Make Regular Cheese?

When cheesemakers craft regular cheddar cheese and similar soft, aged cheeses, the milk is cooled before the curdling process begins. The cooling step allows the cheese to retain a soft, smooth, and slightly crumbly texture. When the cheese is heated, it will melt at a predictable temperature.

How Do They Make High-Temperature Cheese?

In order to make cheese capable of withstanding high temperatures, cheese makers have learned to heat the milk up while the curdling process takes place. The result is a tougher, denser, and drier cheese that can withstand smoker temps. If you think of string cheese, you'll have a good idea of the consistency of high temp cheese.

What Do You Use High Temp Cheese For?

There are lots of fun ways you can use high temp cheese in your home kitchen to add texture and flavor, but our all-time favorite is to mix the high temp cheese into one of our sausage or bratwurst recipes. The high temp cheese keeps its shape and doesn't melt, giving the sausage a delicious creamy flavor. Adding high temp cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers gives a sausage a delicious Mexican-inspired flavor. We have even crafted a Hawaiian Pizza Bratwurst that wouldn't be possible without the addition of our favorite high temp cheeses.

These cheeses are also excellent in ground meat for adding creaminess to burgers or tacos, and because of the high melting point, you can place high-temp cheese directly on the grill to give it a little charred texture, soften the cheese, and use it for salads, pasta, or any other meal.

What Temp Does High Temp Cheese Melt?

The high melting temperature is what makes high temp cheese ideal for sausages and burgers. High temp cheese can handle up to about 400 degrees before beginning to lose its shape. The high melting temperature makes it possible to use this type of cheese in recipes that would ordinarily result in a big mess on the grill.

Different types of cheese melt at different temperatures because of the fat and moisture content. Higher moisture cheeses like cream cheese or brie will melt at temperatures around 85 degrees. Cheeses with higher fat content tend to have lower melting temperatures. This is the reason pepper jack cheese will melt before parmesan cheese.

High-temp cheese has a low moisture content and low fat. These properties allow the cheese to hold together at higher temperatures than other cheese types. Ordinary cheese would melt when smoking sausage and would likely ruin the batch. With high temp cheese, it is possible to add tart swiss cheese flavor to sausages that are finished at higher cooking temperatures.

High Temp Cheese FAQs:

Q: How Much High Temp Cheese Per Pound of Sausage?

A: We experimented extensively to find the perfect balance of high temp cheese to compliment our sausage and bratwurst kits. We discovered that 2.5 lbs of high temp cheese is the perfect amount for making sausage with 25 lbs of ground meat.

Q: When to Add High Temp Cheese to Sausage?

A: Each of our Bearded Butcher DIY homemade sausage kits includes everything that you'll need to make sausage, including our own recipe. The way we like to make our sausage is to mix the seasoning with the ground meat, then run the mixture through the grinder. After the last grind, we add in things like high temp cheese and other flavors to create a unique sausage flavor.

Q: What Types of Sausage are Good with High Temp Cheese?

A: Bratwurst recipes are among our favorites for adding high temp cheese. We also have found that high temp cheddar cheese is a great addition to summer sausage. Even snack sticks are delicious with a bit of added high temp cheese. We discovered that the more we played with adding cheese to our sausage and bratwurst recipes, the more interesting and creative flavors we came up with. Experimenting with high temp cheese is a fun way to craft something unique for your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

High temp cheese is the ideal ingredient to add to sausage and bratwurst recipes to add a creamy texture and great flavor. High temp cheese is perfect for recipes where ordinary cheese would melt away. Cooking with high-temperature cheeses offers a great way to spice up burgers, tacos, and sausages. 

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