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Bearded Butcher Classic Bratwurst DIY Bundle


** If you choose to include cheese, we cannot ship this bundle outside of the contiguous 48 United States. We're sorry for the inconvenience. **

All orders with High Temp Cheeses are shipped in insulated packaging and we do NOT ship these out every day. Your order may be delayed several days by adding cheese. This is to ensure it arrives as cold as it can and that we avoid cheese sitting idle in trucks or warehouses over the weekend.

This is THE bratwurst seasoning of choice by the Bearded Butchers. It's the base seasoning flavor for many of our delicious brats produced for in our Whitefeather Meats Retail Store (and on video), including Jalapeno Cheddar, Spinach and Feta, Mushroom and Swiss, Hickory BBQ and more. These simple but powerful flavors are great as a Classic Bratwurst or with your favorite ingredients added! Don't be afraid to experiment!

The Fresh brat recipe using this kit can be found here

Just add 25 lbs of your favorite bratwurst meat and you have a kit ready to make these delicious brats at home! We make them with all pork meat, but they're great with beef, bison, venison and elk too!

This kit includes:

  • 1 pack Bearded Butcher Bratwurst Seasoning (9oz) 
  • 1 pack of Bratwurst size 32mm Collagen Casing (2 strands) 
  • *OPTIONAL* 2.5 lbs High Temp Cheese of your choice



Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
K. Shuping
Classic Brats DIY Kit

My 14-year old son and I made these brats together, using lean venison and our own beef fat from our farm raised steer. The kit made the process incredibly simple. The results have been amazing!

john booher
moment the new stuffer was delivered

I loved the brats. Made 98 bratwurst, 21 pounds of venison and 6 pounds of pork butt. Hand mixed the seasoning and used the 32 mm collagen casing, did not soak the casing, no liquids added to meat for stuffing. Baked the brats at 225 degrees for an hour. Smoked 20 minutes laying flat. Served hot with cheese slice melted , jalapeno, sweet onion, and stone ground dark mustard. Ate two with a stout brew and was in heaven, Not greasy, much less fat. Some will like the casing removed before eating, most guys will crunch through.

Josh Brown

Bearded Butcher Fresh Bratwurst DIY Bundle

Jonathan Roseman
Great quality kit

We’ve done hundred and hundred of pounds of brats, snack sticks, and summer sausage. The quality of the products here are top notch and it’s a great price.

Chad Campbell
Jalapeno Bratwurst

The product was awesome quality and the ordering process was super simple. The jalapeno bratwurst mix made some incredible tasting brats!!!