The Bearded Butchers

21mm Collagen Breakfast Link Size Casing 3 Pack


The 21mm Bearded Butchers fresh collagen casings are a great size of casing for making breakfast sausage links. Edible and tender, these casings can be used as a replacement for natural casings. Not intended for to be hung in a smokehouse, for that you will need our 17mm Mahogany Collagen Casing 4 Pack

Each package contains 3 casings. 2 casings fully stuffed should hold about 25 pounds of meat.

Compared to traditional natural casings, collagen is easy to use and does not require soaking.

Keep sealed and under refrigeration when not in use. If casings become brittle, soak briefly prior to use.


  • Load casing onto stuffing horn (3/8" or smaller)
  • Extrude meat into casing
  • Can be cut to desired length or twisted. When twisting into links, make first twist in one direction and then next twist in opposite direction to prevent unraveling, being careful to not over twist links (maximum two full twists)
  • Recommended to vacuum seal and freeze finished product for best shelf life