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Victorinox Cutlery Kit


This kit includes a custom logoed Victorinox 6" boning knife, Victorinox 10" Combo Cut honing steel (half polished and half fine grit), and our tight fitting Kydex knife sheath all wrapped into one great package, ready for use! This kit is designed to provide all the necessary tools for easy, safe, and precise knife work.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Zavatero
excellent knives

love everything about it, thank you Bearded Butchers

Jonathan Hamp
Quality piece

6” knife kit and sharpening rod were received quickly and I am pleased with the quality and performance of the products. I also am in LOVE with the Black seasoning. I put that sh*t on everything!

Good knife, bad sheeth.

The knife and the steel are really high quality. But the leather sheath does not fit the shape of the blade. It seems to be more suited for a straight blade. If it were me selling these, I would ensure the leather matches the shape of the blade.

s. ikeda
buy the kit and save a few bucks.

Swiss quality: knife comes with a perfect super-sharp edge and ready to use. sheath has brass fittings, a removable plastic liner, and fits the knife really well. the combo cut steel has two grooved sides and two smooth sides. (the two smooth sides are like the entire surface of the F. Dick steel that comes in the other kit. i don't know enough about honing steels to suggest one over the other.) i could not be happier with my purchase. really appreciate the excellent informative vids these guys put up.

Justin Lucas
Cutlery Kit

This is a great set. Enjoy using it and having a quality and versatile knife to use