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F. Dick 10" Polished Honing Steel


Seth's favorite, the 10" F. Dick Polished Honing Steel is PURELY a blade edge honing steel. , no part of this steel will remove material from your knife. This honing steel only re-aligns the edge of your knife when it gets dull from micro bends, waves, and nicks.

It's great for clean table work if you feel your knife getting dull from normal use. You can 'sharpen' it this way near the food, without metal particles being removed and accidentally contaminating your food prep area.

The chromium (stainless) steel is a special magnetized stainless alloy, to hold your knife edge to the steel when you hone it.

It's corrosion resistant, so it's dishwasher safe and good for any wet, tough, work and prep environment.

With a 6" plastic handle an overall length of almost 16", it is the perfect size to couple with 6" or 8" knives, which is why we use them every day we process.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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F Dick Honing Steel Works fine

I bought this along with all of your knives and I am enjoying the hell out of them.
I've gone through several beef and I love the edge I can maintain with the polished steel over a more abrasive one.
I'm still 'honing' my skills with creating an edge that will last through more than one beef with the stones but I'm getting lots of practice and with this steel it really saves me.
Thanks for all you folks provide!

Jeff shelp

F. Dick 10" Polished Honing Steel

mark stolzenfels
Nice steel!

Great product! Fast shipping! Great steel, easy to use and works well. Thanks

Mama Gus
Not Sure

I am not sure if I like this one. I don't know much about honing steels as I am fairly new to the whole processing my own game and therefore making sure that my knives are nice and sharp. I had a knife I was using and felt like it was getting a bit dull so I used a hand sharpener and then used this honing steel and didn't feel like it worked well. But again as a disclosure I am new using these products and may just need a bit more practice and direction. So I will keep using for now.

Michael O'Neal
Finally a real honing steel

Loved the steel. I always knew there was a better steel out there that I’d seen the people use that butchered our hogs every year. They had sharp knives and a smooth steel the really cut. This is that steel. I could not find one like this anywhere. Thank you.