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F. Dick 10" Polished Honing Steel


Seth's favorite, the 10" F. Dick Polished Honing Steel is PURELY a blade edge honing steel. , no part of this steel will remove material from your knife. This honing steel only re-aligns the edge of your knife when it gets dull from micro bends, waves, and nicks.

It's great for clean table work if you feel your knife getting dull from normal use. You can 'sharpen' it this way near the food, without metal particles being removed and accidentally contaminating your food prep area.

The chromium (stainless) steel is a special magnetized stainless alloy, to hold your knife edge to the steel when you hone it.

It's corrosion resistant, so it's dishwasher safe and good for any wet, tough, work and prep environment.

With a 6" plastic handle an overall length of almost 16", it is the perfect size to couple with 6" or 8" knives, which is why we use them every day we process.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Bob Kinville
F. Dick 10" Polished Honing Steel

I use it every day at work I wish it was 12" long but it does what is intended to do

Michael Hudy
Great product

I am going to buy the Victorinox one for the kitchen.

Honing steel

Great product.

Kept my edge through breaking down a chuck roll.

Glenn St James
Razor edge

This is the first time I've used a polished honing steel. There is always a micro Burr on one side of the knife edge after using a serrated honing steel or a sharpening stone. The polished honing steel doesn't remove the burr, instead, it trues the micro burr towards the apex of the edge. Since the micro burr is actually shaped like a microscopic saw blade with razor sharp points, the points become aligned dead center of the cutting edge. Only 3 of 4 light swipes on either side of the blade are required to do the job as the points get misaligned on the cutting board or bone deflection. Since the honing steel's surface is polished hardened steel, there are no metal shards from your blade or the honing steel. My knives cut through meat, gristle, fat, sinew, silver skin like butter. Strong and slick for any blade on your belt, in your drawer, hanging on your block or in your tackle box, you can count on a razors edge with the F Dick 10" Polished Honing Steel!!

Nice steel

First steel I’ve bought and it didn’t take long to figure it out. Helps keep a nice edge on our kitchen and fillet knifes.