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Victorinox Handheld Knife Sharpener


Quickly, easily and safely sharpen every straight- and wavy-edged knife in your drawer to its precision-cutting best with our small Knife Sharpener, which has been ergonomically designed for the safest possible handling. This piece’s sharpening mechanism consists of small V-shaped plates formed of carbide metal, which have been placed at an optimal angle inside the design’s outer structure. These can be turned during the course of the sharpener’s life, giving its users years of service.

  • Sharpens both straight and wavy edge knives in one simple step
  • Swiss made easy handling knife sharpener
  • With a handy and ergonomic form and long service life

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lance Milsted
Hand held knife sharpener is absolutely stellar!!

I have had hand-held sharpeners before and none of them even comes close to the Victorinox Hand held sharpener. I took a couple of my other boning knifes that had blades that really had gotten pretty bad. Ran it though that sharpener a few times and was amazed at the edge it brought back. I also picked up a full size stone to really do some work on my knives but this sharpener was so good I actually wrote the bearded butcher team to ask them why I would even need a stone. Impressive. My wife and I are super happy to have quality tools to keep our knives sharp and safe. I've got a group of 12 guys coming to the house on Saturday to make venison sausage and everyone gets a presicion blade to work with!!!


I purchased the 10", 8" and 6" knives and ao far I love them!

Brent Welty
Worth the price

This thing even sharpened my old kitchen knives!

Awesome Knife

Purchased the 10” knife and breaks down bigger cuts easily and with little effort. Very sharp and the sharpener we purchase updated all the knives in the drawer too. Great knife and sharpener!

Melissa Lapadat

Sharpener was decent but Canadian shipping too high