The Bearded Butchers

Maple Bacon DIY Bundle


Looking for the ingredients we use to make Deer Bacon? Here it is. Use our REAL MAPLE SUGAR seasoning for authentic maple flavor, and throw in a shaker of Cinnamon Swirl as a delicious surface coating. Also included is a pack of Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt to help preserve your delicious treat and keep the rich color of the meat locked in.


The maple bacon recipe using this kit can be found here


This Kit Includes:

  • 1 pack of Bearded Butcher Maple Seasoning (2.15 lbs) to season 25 lbs of meat
  • 1 pack Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt (1oz) for 25 lbs
  • 1 Shaker of Cinnamon Swirl to coat outside of Bacon

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
john perko

the bacon is awesome

Chris Bertram

Waiting to get my deer this year before I try it

Charles Downs

Great flavor. Really enjoying it !

David Owens


Mike Rolow
Convenience in a bundle!

Been struggling to get that just right mix for my venison bacon for years. I watched the BB video on making bacon and decided to try it. Awesome mix! It actually saved me money, I no longer have to buy some of this, some of that etc. The maple with cinnamon swirl is great for breakfast...bacon, eggs, french toast or pancakes. I even did part of my last batch with BB black which is fantastic for BLT's.