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American Tajima Wagyu Beef Fat Trimmings 2.5#


 ** We cannot ship these fat trimmings outside of the contiguous 48 United States at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience **

Please take caution when selecting as this is a refrigerated food item that *cannot be returned. Regardless of when an order is placed, we ship refrigerated items strategically to ensure rapid transit. As a result, you may see your shipping label is created; however, we may not pass your refrigerated items off to the carrier until the beginning of the following week. This is to ensure your order arrives as cold as possible.

This pack contains 2.5 lbs of pure fat trimmings from American Tajima Wagyu Beef butchered at Whitefeather Meats - by The Bearded Butchers. Because of the type of fat these cattle develop, the melting point is noticeably lower and the flavor more savory than conventional beef. This makes it great for blending into sausage, burgers, trail bologna, summer sausage and more. Certain to result in the most incredibly juicy, rich, and savory end product you've ever created!

This fat also works GREAT to render down and use for cooking or frying oil as a substitute for vegetable oils or butter.

*Orders with refrigerated items are shipped with a flow chart to help determine acceptable condition when received. For orders that were fulfilled within our terms and without error (such as, for a change of mind or a mistake made at the time of purchase by the customer, or any similar issue) we will not refund the order and the order cannot be returned. If an order is shipped with an error on our part, we will be certain to make it right and you can contact our customer service for help.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Emanuel King

I bought a pack of Wagyu Fat! We were amazed at the flavor it added to our smash burgers! Wonderful product!

Matthew Toledo

Mixed 80/20 with venison. Best burger I’ve ever made.

jonathan alberson

Excellent products, even better customer service!

Peter Doucette

We have not had time to use it yet

William Green
American wagyu!!

It gave my venison burger a whole new meaning of what a venison burger should taste like! Juicy juicy juicy! Wow!! Absolutely the best thing you can add to your venison burgers!!