The Bearded Butchers

Bearded Butcher Pork Bratwurst 12 Pack


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Each box contains 12 packs of 4 Bratwurst Links (TOTAL 48 Bratwursts).

Choose from the following options:

12 Pack Variety - 2 Packs Each of 6 Bratwurst Flavors (12 lbs total)

      • 2 Packs of Classic Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)
      • 2 Packs of Bearded Butcher Original Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)
      • 2 Packs of Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)
      • 2 Packs of Southern Peach Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)
      • 2 Packs of Tailgater Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)
      • 2 Packs of Mushroom & Swiss Bratwursts (8 Bratwursts)

12 Pack - Classic Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Savor the authentic taste of our Classic Pork Bratwurst, seasoned with a blend of traditional spices that evoke a classic, clean, and delicious flavor experience!

12 Pack - Bearded Butcher Original Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Indulge in our Original Blend Bratwurst, a perfect flavor balance between robust and mild, paired with the velvety smoothness of Mozzarella cheese!

12 Pack - Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Experience the ultimate fusion of bold Jalapeño heat and creamy Cheddar cheese, expertly balanced in our Pork Jalapeño & Cheddar Bratwurst!

12 Pack - Southern Peach Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Treat yourself with our Southern Peach Pork Bratwurst, infused with the luscious taste of sweet peaches and rich maple sugar, perfectly balanced by a blend of warm spices!

12 Pack - Tailgater Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Get ready to score big with our Pork Tailgater Bratwurst, featuring a mouthwatering blend of mild, creamy Swiss cheese, savory spices, and tangy, zesty goodness that will make your taste buds cheer!

12 Pack - Mushroom & Swiss Bratwursts (12 lbs, 48 Bratwursts)

Feast on the rich flavors of our Pork Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst, where tender mushrooms and savory spices harmonize with velvety, creamy Swiss cheese, creating a truly satisfying taste experience!



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