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Bearded Butcher Summer Sausage 12oz - Case of 12

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Bring the party! This is a CASE of 12 pieces of our delicious summer sausage. Each 12oz pack is all beef summer sausage, ready to eat, and no refrigeration needed!


*Refrigerate after opening*


Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Raw Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Spices, Garlic, Natural Spice Extractives, Sodium Nitrite.


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philip w.

Bearded Butcher Summer Sausage 12oz - Case of 12

Ronnie Overholt
Awesome food

I watch Bearded butchers on YouTube and really enjoyed watching them create their products. One thing I love about them is their dedication to their family. Love seeing their do it at home videos with them working with their kids getting them involved. I order snack sticks and jerky as well as summer sausage loved it all. Definitely the best place to go to order meat. Love you guys.

Kenneth Passanisi
Summer sausage

Excellent! Love the quality and flavor!


It's okay though they had cracked peppers in them.

Terry Cook
Great summer sausage.

I love summer sausage. I've been looking for one that has a good meaty tartans texture, a lot have so much junk in them so much spice that you can't taste the meat they are ground so fine it almost like eating a hotdog.

The team at Bearded butcher have done a great job with their spice blend and grind that their summer sausage fits the bill for me. We love it!