The Bearded Butchers

4lb Bucket Refill Bag Black


64 oz. Refill Bag

Refill your shaker or bucket conveniently with this 64 ounce bag!

Deep & Dark, The Bearded Butcher's Black Blend is a rich seasoning that uses coffee and molasses to bring out the full-bodied flavor of meat. Ideal for steaks, burgers, roasts, game meats, and more, this seasoning is perfect for those who love deep and complex flavors. Our favorites are brisket or steak!

Ingredients: Cane & Brown Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic & Onion, Spices (Including Celery), Sea Salt, Paprika, 100% Pure Instant Coffee, Molasses Powder (Cane Sugar, Cane Molasses, Cane Caramel), Citric Acid, Natural Spice Extractive of Paprika.

Our Bearded Butcher Blend is free of anti-caking agents, and MSG, giving you a pure and natural seasoning that's perfect for elevating your dishes. So get creative and explore new ways to use this blend, and discover the unbeatable taste of stepping up your game.

Customer Reviews

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Mike L.
My go to rub for brisket!

After using quality rub blends from Meat Church and Kosmos for years, this is my go to for brisket every time. The bark and flavor are tough to match.

Chuck H
4lbs of BBQ Gold

Excellent value and quality! This rub is one of the most versatile & best tasting rubs on the market! Please continue to carry this product and do not discontinue it!?!? ;)

Jesse Robinson
Bearded Butcher 4lb Bucket Seasoning Refill Bag Black

Highly recommended!!

Bearded Butcher 4lb Bucket Seasoning Refill Bag Black

Great stuff

Kasey Ramos
Bearded Butcher 4lb Bucket Seasoning Refill Bag Black

This is an all around great flavor for almost anything in the kitchen. We add it before grilling as well as for more flavor after cooking.