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Bearded Butcher Bratwurst Seasoning for 25#


This is it, the actual classic seasoning for bratwurst used by The Bearded Butchers. This seasoning is the base we use for many of our famous, proprietary brats like Mushroom and Swiss, Hickory BBQ, and Jalapeno Cheddar! When using our seasoning for bratwurst, we recommend you add the entire 9oz bag of brat seasoning to 25 pounds of your favorite bratwurst meat like pork. We also use it for turkey, chicken, venison, elk and more!


Customer Reviews

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Tim Carosella
Brat seasoning

I was hoping for a little more flavor out of this seasoning. It was fine, I just like more Bratwurst flavor.

From Indiana

I make brat patties with various high temp cheeses.......smoke'em and vacuum seal.....freeze grandsons' go to meal

jeff carlsen

We love this seasoning, made 130 lb of sausage this year links and chubs, and what we have had with family gatherings, every one is amazed by the sausage, and every one wants to know we’re we bought the. It is going to be are staple sausage and we are switching all our other seasonings to bearded butchers

Taffi Abens
Very good service

Good spices

Darrin Schutt
Bearded Butcher Bratwurst Seasoning 9oz

If you were ever on the fence to give this a try don't wait any longer. It is the best brats I have ever made, and I have been making brats for a long time. I will definitely be making these again once I try the other flavors.