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Bearded Butcher Chipotle Flavor Snack Sticks DIY Bundle


We've got bundles now for our Various flavors of Snack Sticks. Highly customizable, this is a perfect way to get you started making delicious snack sticks with Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning.

The Chipotle seasoning is cool and smoky by itself, but go ahead and experiment by adding some of our popular choices like high temp diced cheese (try Chipotle/Cheddar combo!) or jalapeño powder by selecting from the options. Great for beef, bison, and wild game like venison, elk and antelope. The combinations are endless!

The Chipotle Snack Stick recipe using this kit can be found here

This kit includes:

1 pack Chipotle Bearded Butcher Seasoning (13oz) for 25 lbs of meat

1 pack 17mm Mahogany Smoke Stick Collagen Casings (4 strands) for 25 lbs

1 pack Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt (1oz) for 25 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Sanchez
Fantastic Product

Chipotle flavoring was unbelievably good! Will definitely make pepperoni w this product every time

Robert Manthei
Sna k Stick Bundle

Made with Antelope meat. Turned out awesome. 1👍

Jesse Weis
Nothing but awesome

I have purchased both the Chipotle and the Cajun diy kits. The Chipotle I added the jalapeño flakes and powder and the high temp cheddar cheese , the Cajun I added the high temp pepperjack cheese. All my friends just love these things. I can't say anything but awesome!!!!!!


I've tried making snack sticks before and they never turned out, to the point I gave up for some time. Decided to try it again with this stuff and first try its amazing, no more hiring a local shop to make them for me anymore. I will try adding cheese and jalapeno flakes in the future but these are great as is. Thanks so much