The Bearded Butchers

Bearded Butcher Maple Seasoning 2.15lb


Made with 100% pure maple syrup reduced (boiled) down to produce pure maple sugar. The difference between real maple sugar (like ours) and artificial maple sugar is huge! Much like real maple syrup versus maple flavored syrup, nothing matches the taste of real, pure ingredients - not to mention the benefits to your health. That's why choosing our Bearded Butcher Maple Seasoning over any other artificial maple flavored seasoning is guaranteed to produce flavors that are pure and real! Use this as maple bacon seasoning, maple sausage seasoning, or anything else that needs a delicious, natural maple flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
William Terry
Making Bacon

Tasted very good everyone like the venison bacon.

Arica Williams

It turned out great definitely recommend

Matthew Trachsel
Maple Bacon Seasoning

The bacon seasoning was really good. We elected not to put the black or the cinnamon flavor on top as you did in the video but we are going to order again and put the black seasoning on top just for some added flavor but overall we were very very happy and will be ordering again.

Maple seasoning

I gave this a 3 star for the flavor. When using the recipe that the Bearded Butchers used on YouTube (25lbs) the seasoning seems to get lost in the smoking of the meat (4hr smoke applewood). I used this to make venison bacon, but I think this would make an excellent bologna recipe with other ingredients added. I wouldn't call this venison maple bacon from the taste I get, more like a summer sausage or bologna.

Robert Bunk
everyone loved it.

I mixed this in my venison bacon like you guys did and it came out fantastic, we all couldn't have been happier, what a great product.