The Bearded Butchers

Victorinox Cutlery Kit


This kit includes a custom logoed Victorinox 6" boning knife, Victorinox 10" Combo Cut honing steel (half polished and half fine grit), and our tight fitting Kydex knife sheath all wrapped into one great package, ready for use! This kit is designed to provide all the necessary tools for easy, safe, and precise knife work.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful knives


This is the sharpest blade I have ever seen.

Kevin McCambridge
Victorinox cutlery kit

Everything that came was perfect. The knife was scalpel sharp, the kyded sheath is awesome, and the steel is terrific. I am so happy with my purchase.

william mulkey
Love this knife!

This knife is everything it has been shown it to do.I knew it would be a excellent knife because it is what bearded bitchers use,very well pleased.I am definitely considering buying another knife.

Bobby McGee @cookingmcgeestyle on You Tube
Awesome set of knives!

I was getting to go on a hunt in Charlotte, Tx at Pride Rock Ranch with plans to kill a Water Buffalo. I enjoy processing my own animals and have done many deer and hogs, but never anything this big! SO, I know I need a good set of knives. I stumbled across y'all's YouTube page trying to learn how to process big game. That's where I saw the knives y'all were using and figured if they're good enough for awesome butchers such as yourselves, then it had to be good enough for me. I was not disappointed! Smooth, easy cuts, with flexibility to get into tight place around bones. I love the knives. I also purchased the Victorinox 10" Boning knife. Again, very happy. I started my own You Tube page recently with my wife and I gave y'all a shout out talking about your knives. Cooking McGee Style is the name of our page, just in case you're interested to check it out. Still small but growing! Thanks!!!