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High Temperature Pepper Jack Cheese 2.5lb


** We cannot ship this cheese outside of the contiguous 48 United States at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience **

All orders with High Temp Cheeses are shipped in insulated packaging and we do NOT ship these out every day. Your order may be delayed several days by adding cheese. This is to ensure it arrives as cold as it can and that we avoid cheese sitting idle in trucks or warehouses over the weekend.

Our Bearded Butcher, high temperature pepper jack cheese is made specifically to withstand smoking, cooking and heating temperatures up to 400°F before melting.

Non-melting cheese is a great choice for making brats, summer sausage, franks, hot dogs, burgers patties, or meat sticks because the cheese will maintain its shape, even while the meat is cooking.

Our high temperature pepper jack cheese comes diced into ¼ inch pieces and packed to allow for freezing and long term storage.

Each package is 2.5 pounds. Made in USA.


  • Use 2.5 pounds of cheese per 25 pounds of meat (or 10% cheese weight per meat weight)
  • Add cubed cheese to ground meat after final grind before stuffing or forming
  • Excess cheese can be frozen if needed. Freeze flat for best results.

Customer Reviews

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Myles Addison
Pepper Jack Goodness

Product was excellent in my venison smoked sausage I made. Very tasty and came out perfect

Mike Hammerschmidt


chuck wilcox
High temp hot cheese

Love it… kinda pricey but love the flavor

christopher barber
Great product

Great product and great customer service.

Chad LeBlanc

Have not been able to use it yet I work offshore in oil and gas will be home in 2 weeks check back with me then