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Mango Tango Bratwurst DIY Bundle


Are you ready to make your taste buds DANCE? Then you have got to try our Mango Tango bratwurst, with mangoes that bring the sweet and the jalapeños that bring the heat! Just add your favorite meat and you're in for a treat that can't be beat.

The Mango Tango brat recipe using this kit can be found here

This kit includes:

1 pack of Bearded Butcher Maple Seasoning (2.15 lbs) to season 25 lbs of meat

1 pack of Bratwurst size 32mm Collagen Casing (2 strands) to stuff 25 lbs

1 pack of Jalapeño Flakes and Powder (4oz) to season 25 lbs

1 pack of Dried Diced Mangoes (2.5 lbs) to add to 25 lbs of meat



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam Matson

Awesome! Thanks guys. Love your videos and your products. Keep the faith.

Todd scott
Mango tango

I used 80/20 venison with pork fat and love how these brats came out, delicious

Mac Smith
Mango Tango Bratwurst DIY Bundle

I made these this year with 50% elk and 50% pork. The best brats I have ever had. My family can't get enough of them. Thanks guys. Another amazing product.

John Leach
Mango Tango Bratwurst DIY Bundle

I made your mango tango bratwurst with an elk that I harvested this year. It was fantastic. Really love you guys, your products and videos. Thank you.

wayman morrow
Mango Tango Bratwurst DIY Bundle

with the sweet and hot together it is a real winner. different than any thing weve tried in the past/ will be ordering again soon. thanks for such a great product