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'Seth's Favorite' Cutlery Kit


Seth's Favorite knife, the 6" Victorinox Boning knife with a rosewood handle, coupled with a his favorite Honing Steel: The Orange Handled F. Dick fully polished smooth honing steel. We've also completed the kit with a custom fitted, snap in kydex sheath. 


This is a great combination kit for processing where you want to keep your knife's edge razor sharp while keeping your meat and food prep area clean of metal particles from sharpening your knife. This honing steel re-aligns the edge of your knife when it gets dulled from micro bends, waves, and nicks, and does not remove any steel particles from the edge of the knife. 

Customer Reviews

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Brent Welty
Spend the money

Worth every penny!

William Grier

Very sharp knife and the quality is good. The knife sheath is nice and thick 👌.

Jams Wisner
Like butter

This is the best Knife I’ve used for cutting steak 🥩

Thomas Brodbin

'Seth's Favorite' Cutlery Kit

The Must Have!

I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for. " I don't mind paying more for higher quality products, and this is worth every penny. The quality of steel is better than 99% of what you're going to find in common outdoor stores. I've never been the greatest at keeping an edge with a butcher steel sharpener, but with this combo it's incredibly easy. I've processed two whitetail with it so far and it's cut the time for the process almost in half. These guys are putting out top quality products! If you're on the fence about buying it, do it! And if you're not considering buying this, buy it anyway!