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Sage Seasoned Breakfast Links DIY Bundle


Our sage seasoning is perfect for pairing the flavor of a country style seasoning with an extra kick of sage. Sage is a savory, bold flavored, almost minty, aromatic herb. It's an excellent seasoning for pork, turkey, beef and wild game.  This bundle includes seasoning for 25 lbs and casing to stuff

  • Ingredients: Salt, Spices (Including Sage), Rice Flour
  • No MSG
  • No Sugar


This Kit Includes:

  • 1 pack of Sage Seasoning (7oz) to season 25 lbs of meat
  • 1 pack of 21mm Breakfast Links clear edible collagen casing (3 strands/pack)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Powers
Tested it, excellent blend.

The spice blend is excellent, if your wanting to do a fire spicy blend for those that enjoy high Calvin’s of heat, make a devils dust blend, we use a mixture of five of the hottest peppers in the world to meet an unmatched high octane spicey heat that requires a fire extinguisher next to the latrine. It will turn body parts into flamethrowers. We grow them all in our little garden and devils dust has become a favorite for those that love the heat.

Mike Frattini
Sage breakfast sausage!

Absolutely outstanding! Tastes like it was professionally made but better. My wife always looks for sage breakfast sausage. A dream come true. Now she has 25 lbs worth! We've shared this with friends and family and they love it! 😊

Robert Mixon
Great job

Love your products so far above other brands

Michael Hammond
Great product

Only comment would be I think 25# is too much meat for the amount of seasoning, I’d do 15 next time for same volume

Mild flavor

The seasoning is good but it's pretty mild. I was expecting more salt, pepper, and sage seasoning flavor in the finished product but it was quite mild. Not bad at all, but I wouldn't do it again. Kids even thought it needed more so I added jalapeno flakes.