7 Flat Top Grill Accessories You Need for Your Griddle

7 Flat Top Grill Accessories You Need for Your Griddle

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

A griddle can open up a whole new world of cooking. Whether you are cooking roadside diners to enjoy on epic road trips or making unforgettable new memories with family and friends, a griddle is a versatile cooking tool that you can use for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The trick to getting the most out of your griddle is having the best and most useful tools and accessories available. We've got some great suggestions for you that will let you craft delicious, healthy, and easy meals any day.

What Do I Need for a Flat Top Griddle?

Right out of the box, you will need a few tools to get started. These can be some simple tools like a good spatula, a set of griddle tongs, and some heat-resistant gloves. You'll need a few items for cleaning and seasoning, too. These things get you started making most of the best meals you'll want to make, but a handful of trick accessories can let you explore culinary wizardry.

The accessories and tools you choose will make the cooking process much more enjoyable and you'll have a lot more success putting delicious meals on the table. A griddle is great for making large quantities of food, while also easily removing excess fat. Plus, an outdoor griddle gives you easy access to your food while you cook.

What Do I Need for My New Blackstone?

Before you can cook on your brand-new Blackstone griddle, you'll need to season the cooking surface. Seasoning isn't a difficult process, but it is time-consuming. Having the proper seasoning oil and tools for the process gives you more control of the end result.

One of the common mistakes many people make when seasoning is to apply the oil too thick, leaving ridges of burnt oil that become sticky and make your griddle difficult to cook on. We've got some great recommendations for the best seasoning oil and how to properly season your Blackstone griddle.

Flat Top Griddle Tools & Accessories

Let's go over the best griddle accessories and tool kit options you can grab that will properly enhance your cooking experience – from flipping burgers to frying eggs and bacon. One of the things we like the most about all Blackstone griddle surfaces is the use of cold-rolled steel. This lets you use a durable stainless steel griddle scraper or a cast iron bacon press without the risk of damaging the surface.

Flat Top Grill Accessories You Want and Need

You've got your griddle, and you've got it all seasoned and slick. Now it's time to get cooking. We will start with a few accessories that are essential for cooking anything under the sun and then give you some options for a few specialty tools that give your Blackstone griddle a ton of versatility and convenience.

Some of the first things you'll want to have on hand are disposable drip trays, a griddle cover, heavy-duty paper towels, and your favorite griddle oil to keep your griddle surface seasoned.

Blackstone Griddle Splatter Mat

One of the last things you'll think about when cooking on your Blackstone griddle is the ground right in front of where you are working. This Signature-series Blackstone Griddle Splatter Mat ensures that your deck, patio, or porch surface isn't stained with oil and grease splatter from cooking. It's the perfect size for any griddle and cleaning it couldn't be any easier. Just add a little soap and water, blast it with the garden hose, and it's ready to go for the next round.

Blackstone Griddle Caddy

The Blackstone Griddle Caddy is an ideal accessory for keeping all of your favorite tools together in one place while you cook. The caddy is roomy and has plenty of space to put all of the best tools we are going to discuss later – including space for a bacon press, squeeze bottles, and, of course, your favorite selection of Bearded Butcher Blend Seasonings. The hard sides and surfaces also make cleaning easy.

Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Kit

This cleaning kit includes every essential accessory you will need to clean your griddle in between cooking sessions and maintain the perfect seasoning on your griddle top. You'll get a heavy-duty 6-inch scraper, two heat-resistant scrubbing block handles, two scrubbing blocks, and three sponges designed to be used on hot or cold griddles. This kit is the ideal way to ensure your Blackstone griddle stays immaculate at all times. Use the scraper to push grease into the grease trap and the sponge to keep an even layer of oil on the surface.

Blackstone Griddle Accessory Tools

Sure, any old spatula will work, but when you are trying to make the best food possible, this set of griddle tools from Blackstone is the perfect thing to pick up. It starts with two oversized spatulas that are perfect for flipping burger patties, pancakes, or onions. It also includes a large chopper/scrapper that is perfect for making fried rice and two squeeze bottles that are perfect for adding flavor while you cook. You can also use a squeeze bottle as a pancake batter dispenser.

Blackstone Griddle Press

A griddle press is one of the best accessories you can grab. A griddle press is a tool for making smash burgers and pressing bacon. It also works great for toasting bread. You can even use it as a griddle food mover. A griddle press is one of the few Blackstone griddle accessories that you'll find all sorts of uses for. This one is large, sturdy, and has a safe, heat-resistant handle that makes it convenient to use. The cast iron construction means it is easy to clean, and it's dishwasher safe – just make sure you wipe it down with cooking oil after washing.

Blackstone Egg & Omelet Rings

Frying eggs on the griddle is one of the easiest ways to turn out a big breakfast feast. But when your griddle isn't quite level or you've got a lot going on at once, the eggs can run together, making it difficult to flip them. An easy solution is these egg and omelet rings. They are made from metal and include four round rings, four square rings, and an oversized ring perfect for omelets. These egg rings can even be used for making pancakes, hash browns, and sautéed vegetables. They clean up easily and will let you make diner-style egg sandwiches with ease.

Blackstone Basting Cover

A basting cover is the perfect tool to melt cheese on your egg sandwich, keep your steak warm on the griddle, and of course, trap heat and moisture when you are basting meat on the griddle. The Blackstone basting cover is 12-inches in diameter and is made from durable stainless steel for easy cleaning. A heat-resistant handle makes it comfortable to remove the cover, even when it's been on the griddle surface for a while. Use it to steam vegetables, add smoke flavor to burgers, or just to keep other foods on the griddle hot.

What to Look For When Buying Griddle Accessories

Blackstone griddles are some of the best on the market for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the sheer number of amazing griddle accessories that make using your griddle fun and simple. Whether you are frying up some beautiful bacon strips you made yourself, scrambling eggs and hash browns, sizzling smash burgers with cheese, or cooking any number of awesome, delicious, and tasty meals – a Blackstone griddle is the way to go.

Some of the key things that you should always look for when choosing grill accessories, griddle accessories, or any other cooking accessories, is quality construction from a company that backs up its products. Try to avoid things like harmful plastics, dangerous designs that aren't sturdy, or metals that can rust and cause health problems.

Griddle Accessories Not on Our List

We didn't get into a few accessories that are essentials in this list, because we've got an Essential Griddle Accessories list that covers lots of ideas for getting your griddling experience started. You'll learn about some of our favorite items like covers, as well as seasonings and rubs from our Bearded Butchers Seasoning Blend line that keeps growing.

Kick Up Your Griddle Experience

Choosing great accessories for griddle cooking is a fun way to expand ideas about what is possible. From making the most spectacular cheese skirt on a fabulous burger, getting the most amazing sear on a steak, or perfectly cooking fish without it sticking to the griddle surface, the possibilities are practically endless. It all comes down to having the right tools for the job, and one of the advantages of Blackstone griddles is that there are plenty of options for perfect accessories.

Not only are the griddle accessories on this list great options for your cooking experiences, but they also make excellent gifts for anyone you know who loves using their Blackstone griddle. A lot of these accessories are things that people want but don't always buy for themselves. And with all the options here, like the egg rings, press, and cleaning kit, you can never have too many. We often use two or three presses at once when making bacon.

Choosing a Blackstone griddle means that you'll have a durable cooking instrument that brings you years of service when you treat it right. Having the best accessories for a Blackstone griddle simply makes the experience even more enjoyable.


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