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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Options: 

As business owners, our duty to you, our customers, is to ensure that we have plenty of inventory to fill all the orders we receive as timely as possible. Our local 3rd party fulfillment partner is Area Trend/Tradefull. Our goal is always to process and ship your order within 2 days of purchase. Shipping speeds may vary based on the carrier. During peak Holiday times, over a weekend, or during high demand, this time frame may be extended. International orders are processed just as quickly, but due to the inconsistency of international postage processing and delivery times, your orders may take up to 2 weeks for delivery. As with every other aspect of our business, feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

Return Policy:

We promise, you're going to LOVE our products. Standing behind our products, we wouldn't put in on our shelves and ship it to your doorstep if we didn't trust it and use it ourselves. However, if you ever do run into any issue, you can call us anytime or reach us via email at At that time we can discuss the situation and rectify it accordingly.