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Prepping a Fresh Turkey: How to Clean a Turkey Before Cooking
Apr 25, 2023
Set yourself up for success when you are cooking a wild turkey by following proper food handling procedures, cleaning the turkey inside and out, and making sure that utensils and surfaces are clean before and after handling raw meat.

wild turkey meat nutrition cooking and handling
Apr 21, 2023
Even though this delicious meal is something we don't get to eat every day, knowing the health benefits, nutrition, and safe handling of wild turkey meat is good information that might even make your next delicious roasted wild turkey taste better than it already does.

the beginners guide to bow hunting
Apr 18, 2023
Bow hunting is one of the most enjoyable and hands-on ways to experience the various hunting areas of the U.S. We're sharing some of our most important beginner-friendly tips to help you get started. 

Top 5 Hunting Spots for Ohio Spring Turkey Season
Apr 14, 2023
Ohio boasts some of the country's most magical wild turkey hunting locations. It is a blessing that we can head out every spring in search of these wily game birds. Hunters looking for the best spots for spring wild turkey hunts are in luck – we'll tell you about five of our favorite spots to hunt each spring.

Wild Turkey Hunting 101
Apr 11, 2023
Turkey hunting is a popular pastime for generations of Americans. A successful turkey hunter needs to draw on a variety of skills and tactics to bag these wily upland game birds.

Pre-Season Preparation: How to Scout for Ohio Spring Turkey Hunting
Apr 07, 2023
Scouting local hunting areas for signs of wild turkey narrows down some of the best locations, whether hunting on public or private land. It can take many years to hone the skills needed to properly identify the signs of turkeys and anticipate where the best birds can be found. Today we're sharing some of our tips.