Bearded Butcher Blend Rebel Red Sauce

Bearded Butcher Blend Rebel Red Sauce

Feb 12, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

If you are like us, the Bearded Butcher Blend Hot Seasoning is one of your favorites. But don't you wish you had a sauce with all the delicious flavor of our signature hot seasoning? Grab a bottle of Rebel Red – it's a slightly sweet and spicy sauce you'll want to put on everything from fries to burgers. It'll quickly become one of your favorite hot sauces. The Rebel Red sauce has just enough habanero peppers to give it a kick, and enough mango and raw cane sugar for just the right amount of sweetness. We made this recipe for the adventurous eater who wants an all-natural and gluten-free habanero hot sauce perfect for any dish.

What is Habanero Sauce Made From?

Habaneros are one of the world's hottest chili peppers. Seriously, you don't want to even get habanero on your skin because it will burn. When we made our Rebel Red sauce, we knew we wanted to use habaneros for the delightful spiciness, but we also knew we had to tone it down a little. Cue mango – it plays nicely with spicy peppers. And as usual, we kept our ingredients simple so you know exactly what's in it.

How Spicy is Habanero Sauce?

Spiciness is measured in Scoville units. Capsaicin is responsible for the heat you experience when you eat a chili pepper. Different types of peppers contain more or less capsaicin, which is why some peppers (like habanero) are spicy. The Scoville scale ranges from 0 to 16 million – which is the Scoville heat unit (SHU) for pure capsaicin. Bell peppers contain virtually no capsaicin, so they are at the bottom of the heat scale. Jalapenos are typically 2,500 to 8,000 SHU. Habaneros, on the other hand, comes in at 100,000 to 350,000 SHU. Our Rebel Red sauce isn't that hot, though. You can think of it more as the essence of habanero rather than sucking on a fresh pepper.

What Does Rebel Red Sauce Taste Like?

The first thing you notice about our Rebel Red sauce when you taste it is the surprising sweetness. It's got just a touch of tang from apple cider vinegar and just a touch of spice from the red chili peppers. Then, the habanero comes in. Almost like an afterthought, it's just a touch of extra hot heat that makes your mouth water. It's a perfect balance of flavors with just enough heat to bring out the delicious flavors of your favorite meal.

Recipe Ideas Featuring Our Rebel Red Sauce

There are tons of fun and delicious ways to use Rebel Red. These are a few of our favorites.

Chicken Wings

Rebel Red is ideal as a marinade and as a dipping sauce for chicken wings. Simply toss chicken wings in a large ziplock bag and add Rebel Red. Shake and rub the bag to coat and then let the wings sit in the fridge until you're ready to fire up the grill.

Fried Onion Burger

Here is one of our favorite things in the whole world. Chop onions into small pieces and fry them up to top your favorite burger. Skip the ketchup and grab the Rebel Red sauce. The crispy fried onions, juicy burger, and Rebel Red make for one of the most delicious burgers you'll ever have.

Tater Tots

This one is simple – grab a plate of sizzling tater tots and fill a little saucer with Rebel Red. Dip away and enjoy the wonderful heat of the mango habanero sauce. In fact, you can dunk just about anything into Rebel Red and it'll taste amazing.


Pick up a bottle of Rebel Red today! You'll love the sweet and spicy blend as much as we do. Rebel Red goes great on so many dishes, you'll never stop finding things you can put it on.

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