Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning: Chipotle

Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning: Chipotle

Aug 21, 2020Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Some like it spicy, some like it sweet, our Bearded Butcher Blend Chipotle Seasoning brings both for a mouthwatering flavor you will want to put on everything. We made our Chipotle blend because we wanted a smoky seasoning with ingredients we trust. So, we crafted a special blend that excites your tastebuds and brings out the natural flavors of any meal.

Around our kitchen, we like things hot. From Cajun to Asian, we never back down from a hearty spice. But, many of our friends and family simply can’t take the fire. We carefully select ingredients for our Chipotle seasoning to satisfy the most daring palate without overwhelming the senses with heat. The mild and roasty Chipotle seasoning is the result, and honestly, this seasoning disappears faster than any of our other blends.

What Does Chipotle Seasoning Taste Like?

Chipotle is less a kind of pepper and more a way of preparing peppers. First, jalapenos are allowed to ripen fully. A ripe jalapeno turns red, loses a lot of heat, and gains a sweet, delicate flavor. Once the peppers are ripe, they are dried and then roasted. The roasting process introduces a smokiness you simply can’t get with other peppers. When the task is finished, we have a mild, very smoky, delicately sweet flavor that pairs just as well with chicken and pork as it does with roasted vegetables.

Recipe Ideas Featuring Chipotle Seasoning

You can put our seasoning blends on everything like we do, but here are a few ways we love using the Chipotle Blend in crafting fantastic meals for our family and friends.

Fire-Roasted Summer Squash

This is one of our favorite things to make for a summer get-together. It's simply, fast, and simply delicious. All you do is slice up yellow squash and zucchini, toss with a light oil like grapeseed, and generously coat with Chipotle seasoning blend. Sear in a cast iron pan or toss ‘em on the grill and in no time at all you have the most amazing way to eat vegetables ever.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Adding Chipotle blend seasoning to your pulled pork takes it over the top. There are few things in life more delicious than a properly slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich. When you add our Chipotle blend, the seasonings will take your smokiness to the next level.


Our seasoning blends are all fantastic at taking basic menu items and elevating them. Mojos are a common snack item at gas stations all over the Southwest, but nobody makes mojos like ours. This recipe is simple: start with whole potatoes, rub generously with Chipotle blend seasoning, salt, pepper, and a little light oil. Wrap in foil and bake, then allow them to cool. Cut the cooled potatoes into thick wedges, roll in flour and a little more Chipotle seasoning and deep fry. Crunchy, smoky, and creamy, Chipotle mojos are an experience unlike anything you can buy.

Chipotle Grilled Salmon

Oh boy, does our Chipotle blend make something special out of a salmon fillet. Rub a fillet with Chipotle, melted butter, and a few cloves of crushed garlic, then toss it on a hot grill skin side down. When it flakes, it’s done. So simple, so delicious, our Chipotle blend will have you hunting for good deals on salmon fillets all year long.

Fire Alarm Chili

Next time you make a big pot of chili, use the Chipotle seasoning instead of your regular mix. The smoky, robust flavor stands up to tomatoes and chili beans. Smoked chili anyone? Yes, please!

Chipotle Blend Will Be Your New Favorite

Trust us on this, even if you are someone that just doesn’t care for spicy food, give our Chipotle seasoning a try. Use a little for a tantalizing smoky and sweet taste, or go crazy and really crank the flavor. You’ll find yourself putting our Chipotle blend seasoning on everything, just like we do.


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