Freeze Dried Beef Liver

Freeze Dried Beef Liver

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Beef liver is one of the most healthy things you can add to your diet, but did you know it is also one of your dog's favorite treats? Dogs, like other carnivores, are attracted to nutrient-rich organs – and there isn't a more nutrient-dense organ than the liver. Freeze-dried treats made from fresh liver are a great way to reward your dog during training or just to spoil them a little bit.

Is Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Safe?

When a meat item is freeze-dried, it is placed in a vacuum chamber at about minus-40 degrees. There the moisture freezes and becomes a gas where it is sucked out of the chamber. The remaining product is basically just fresh liver with almost all of the moisture removed. Not only does the process mean the product will have a long shelf life, but it is also unlikely to have bacteria growth that causes spoilage as long as it is properly stored.

Is Freeze-Dried Liver as Good as Fresh?

When the freeze-drying process is completed, about 98 percent of the moisture has been removed. Studies have shown that freeze-drying preserves nearly all of the original nutrient benefits, making it about as healthy as fresh liver.

The biggest change to the liver is the texture. It tends to become somewhat spongy during freeze-drying, making it one of the least popular additions to a backpacking meal. However, your dog will find the texture to be quite pleasing and it may even help to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Is Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Good for Dogs?

Pet parents looking for healthy dried dog treats will find that liver treats are a grain-free, gluten-free snack that has a naturally enticing aroma. Freeze-dried raw liver dog treats provide crude fat and protein, along with the vital amino acids pet owners look for when buying treats. They are ideal for pets with food allergies who are sensitive to the ingredients used in most commercial dog treats.

How Long Does Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Last?

The freeze-drying process makes meat items like liver have an incredibly long shelf life. You can expect liver treats to stay fresh for at least one to two years, and they may last as long as 25 years under ideal conditions. Avoid storing freeze-dried treats in hot areas to prolong the life of the product.

What to Look For When Buying Beef Liver Dog Treats

While beef liver treats are a great choice for your dog, not all products are equal. You should carefully look at the packaging to identify the ingredients and other important factors. Freeze-dried liver treats that are ideally suited for your dog will be hormone-free and include no artificial colors. They will be made of all-natural ingredients and include information such as the guaranteed analysis of crude protein.

Beef liver is a wholesome, nutritional training treat that works great when you are teaching your dog commands. Pet trainers often use beef liver training treats because dogs are naturally attracted to the smell and the delectable meaty flavor, making it easy to quickly reinforce commands. Professional dog trainers prefer beef liver treats because they offer wholesome nutritional value, crude fiber, and lean protein not found in most treats.

How Much Can My Dog Have

Just like any other food item, it is important to pay attention to how much your dog is consuming. Too much beef liver can cause digestive problems and might lead to weight gain. Dog treats are meant for intermittent or supplemental feedings while training your dog.

A good guideline is to feed your dogs according to the feeding guidelines on your dog's regular kibble or your preferred choice of food. Reserve the dog treats for training aid and rewards so the dogs love getting something special.

Products We Like

Our favorite brand to buy for our dog treats is Stewart Pro Treat. Stewart Pro Treat liver dog treats are sold in a large resealable tub that is convenient for grabbing a few dog treats before training or when we go for a walk. We've got a dog that is a picky eater and regularly ignores dog food and treats, but just loves the low-carb lean protein treats from Stewart Pro Treat.

USDA certified ingredients ensure your fur family get savory morsels and a dried treat that offers nutrition and other vitamins that your dogs need for happy, healthy lifestyles.

Should Freeze Dried Liver Treats Be Rehydrated

It isn't necessary to rehydrate the freeze-dried treats your dogs will love them just like they are. There is no reason why you can't rehydrate them, though, and doing so does offer your pets a little different texture.

Liver treats aren't just for dogs, either. Cats love them and we've even used freeze-dried chicken liver treats to supplement the feeding of exotic aquarium fish that like the nutritionally dense organ over freeze-dried flake food.

To rehydrate these treats, you just set them on a plate and put a few tablespoons of fresh water, chicken or beef broth, or another liquid and wait for the liver to reabsorb the moisture.

Looking for Your Own Liver Supplements?

We recommend leaving the freeze-dried liver to the dogs. If you're looking to experience some of the health benefits that come with liver, we have a whole other blog post you should check out: Grass Fed Beef Liver Supplements: Nutrition, Benefits, and Best Products.


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