Make Your Own Venison Deli Meat At Home

Make Your Own Venison Deli Meat At Home

Jan 04, 2024Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

Want to create your own Venison deli meat at home? Give it a try and transform any roast or cuts into delicious, juicy, tender deli meat with this Natural Beast Brine Recipe. Brined and slow cooked to perfection, then thinly sliced into the perfect deli meat for sandwiches, philly steak, pizza toppings and more!

Prep Time: 40 Hours

Yield: 10 lbs of Roast Deli Meat


  • 5 gallon bucket or equivalent container
  • Meat injection syringe
  • Deli Meat Slicer
  • Meat Smoker


  • 9-10 lbs of Roast type cuts of Beef, Venison, Elk, (any whole muscle cut can be used)
  • 1 Natural Beast Brine DIY Bundle : 2 lbs Sea Salt, 2.5 oz Celery Juice Powder, and 1 oz Cherry Juice Powder.


  1. Prepare meat by trimming off excess fat, and removing bone and gristle.
  2. To help meat hold its shape, tie together tightly with cotton twine.
  3. In a bucket or container, mix chilled water with Celery Juice Powder and Cherry Juice Powder until fully dissolved.
  4. Add in 2 lbs Sea Salt to Chilled Water mixture. Stir thoroughly.
  5. Add in any additional seasonings desired - (Smoke flavor Powder, Ranch Seasoning, etc.) and ensure all ingredients are well dissolved.
  6. Using a meat injection syringe, inject the brine throughout the surface every 1-2" and inside the entire muscle area. Inject until the meat swells and can’t hold any more brine.
  7. Place meat into remaining brine, fully submerged and cover. Refrigerate for 24-36 hours fully submerged in brine.
  8. Remove meat from brine after 24-36 hours. If desired, add any surface coating seasoning (Ranch Seasoning, Black Pepper, herbs, spices).
  9. Cook in Smoker for about 2 hours at 150ºF, then increase to 170ºF for 2 hours, then 190º-225ºF until internal temperature of 145ºF is reached.
  10. Remove from Smoker and refrigerate overnight.
  11. Once cooled down, remove strings and slice at desired thickness.



  • To see the video of The Bearded Butchers making Roast Venison Deli Meat, click here!
  • If your smoker does not cook as low as 150 Degrees Fahrenheit, start cooking at the lowest temperature setting.
  • It is not recommended to cook internal temperature above 150 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Learn How to Slice Your Own Deli Meat at Home here!


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