Our Favorite Elevated Hunting Blind: 360 Hunting Blinds

Our Favorite Elevated Hunting Blind: 360 Hunting Blinds

Aug 15, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

We have had the opportunity over the years to try out just about every type of hunting blind on the market. We’ve used pop-up portable designs, self-climbing tree stands, and quite a few different types of elevated hunting blinds. Some of the designs we’ve tried are good, some are not. One thing that we can say is that the elevated stands from 360 Hunting Blinds are the best we’ve used. 

These stands are durable, well-made, and worth every penny. Today, we will share with you a few of our favorite features of these really cool hunting blind designs. 

Quality Construction

We’ve hunted in plenty of elevated stands that were built from scrap materials by individuals who don’t have much skill at building things, so we know about that sketchy feeling when it seems like the stand might just fall down. Build quality is about much more than being durable, it is also about being safe. 

At 360 Hunting Blinds, they use only the best materials to construct their products. The 360 series uses LP SmartSide panel walls that help insulate the blind and greatly reduce noise. LP SmartSide is a manufactured wood product that bonds layers of wood fibers with resin to create a durable board that is as easy to work with as real wood but lasts much longer. A seamless acrylic roof withstands rain, hail, snow, and sun, while integrated ventilation keeps the inside from getting too nasty. 

The hunting blinds ship in a flat package that you assemble yourself. Even if you struggle to put together Ikea furniture, you’ll have no trouble putting the 360 hunting blind up. The included instructions are highly-detailed, and if you are still struggling, their customer support staff are some of the friendliest people we have ever spoken with. 

Key Features of 360 Hunting Blinds

Aside from how awesome these blinds look, the first thing you really notice is the tinted windows. This is a slick feature that many products don’t have available. The tinting reduces heat and glare in the blind and prevents prey from easily spotting you. The windows also help to control noise and scent that can ruin a hunt. 

Our favorite thing about the windows is the innovative opening system. It uses a counterweight to allow for one-handed opening and the windows are totally silent. No squeaky hinges to give away your location.  

The 360 series has windows all the way around the stand. Each wall includes a counterweighted window and a peep window at standing height. You will never have a deer sneak up on you or a turkey wander just out of sight with the 360 series design. The windows also provide an airy feel inside the blind, so you don’t feel stuffy or get claustrophobic. 

The size of this stand is another big benefit. It offers six-and-a-half feet of height inside and is plenty spacious enough for two large men to use comfortably. We tested it, just to be sure, and it is totally big enough. There is even enough space for a little table to play cards on while waiting for those wily deer to show up. 

The stand also has a large door that opens inward to offer quick access. The 360 series includes two sizes, a Pro and an Extra-Large model. The Pro stand has provisions for storing up to eight long guns and four archery bows with plenty of room for other accessories. The XL version increases storage to six bows while providing the same eight-gun storage as the Pro.

Even the window openings are well-thought-out. The sill includes a padded rest to help stabilize your rifle or simply offer a little comfort when you are hanging out. The padding reduces the chance of accidentally making noise while lining up the shot. 

To offer even more comfort and noise reduction, the 360 hunting blinds are fully carpeted up to the bottom of the windows. This prevents boots from making noise as you move into position and also helps to keep the blind warm on those cold fall mornings. 

Optional Accessories

Each 360 series hunting blind comes equipped with 4”x4” pockets for stand posts. It isn’t hard to build your own stand, but the company also offers both metal and wood stands designed to work seamlessly with the 360 series blinds. We particularly like the metal stand that is durable and easy to assemble. It provides incredible support and makes the hunting blind feel sturdy and secure. An oversize “handicap” door is also available to accommodate larger hunters who want an easier entrance and exit when carrying gear. 

Why the 360 Hunting Blind is Our Favorite

Just look at it – the 360 hunting blind is beautiful. It looks like the type of place you want to hang out all day. The tinted, silent-open windows make it feel like a vacation spot rather than a nasty old hunting blind. The use of durable and intelligently-selected materials for construction means it's durable, warm, and always functional. The first time we saw one, we knew that we wanted one. It is the perfect all-around hunting blind for just about any scenario. The quality construction means it will last for a lifetime or more while offering a great place to hunt in comfort. 

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