Our Favorite Professional Butcher Knives: Victorinox

Our Favorite Professional Butcher Knives: Victorinox

Dec 31, 2021Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

How much do we love Victorinox boning knives? So much that we had our logo laser-etched onto the blade. This isn't just a gimmick, either – we really use these knives every day at work and at home. We've used lots of different styles and brands of knives over the years for a wide variety of tasks. What we've found is that the Victorinox six-inch boning knife outperforms other blades at nearly every task. It makes for an excellent skinning knife, gutting knife, and it will effortlessly break down a carcass. It also works amazingly well in tight spots and when you need to make precise cuts along bones.

Are Victorinox Knives Good?

Yes, Victorinox knives are excellent knives. There are several factors that go into any knife, and these important details are why we like our Victorinox boning knife so much. For the work we do, we need a knife that is durable, comfortable in the hand, and one that holds an edge. The Victorinox boning knife checks the boxes for us.

Metallurgy Matters

Victorinox uses a high-carbon stainless steel that is European-made to construct the blades of these knives. This metal is lightweight and slightly flexible so it's ideal for getting thin slices in meat and fish. Stainless is an easy to care for material because aside from gentle hand-washing, you won't have to spend a lot of time caring for the blade.

A high-carbon steel blade like this takes an incredible edge and holds up well when properly cared for. We recommend that you pick up the Victorinox truing iron to go along with your knife. You'll find that a few quick strokes every now and then will keep the edge sharp.

When it comes time to sharpen the knife, your best bet is to pick up carbide-based sharpeners. The high-carbon steel is too hard for most stones and won't take an edge well. You can use diamond stones or hand-held knife sharpeners that are designed for sharpening stainless steel relatively affordably. The best sharpener to use for keeping your Victorinox knife at peak performance is the handheld sharpener designed for the knife. This sharpener features carbide plates that can be turned to provide clean sharpening surfaces for years of use.

Why the Victorinox is the Best Knife for Butchering

The curved blade allows the knife to cut almost effortlessly through large hunks of meat. The shape and angle of the blade in relation to the handle gives the knife excellent balance and leverage. It is easy to work through large pieces as well as doing detail work that requires a precision blade. The sharp tip is an ideal design for skinning and removing membranes.

Butchering is messy work, and it can be very easy to get cut when a knife slips out of the hand. We like the rosewood handles of these knives because they simply don't get slippery. The shape is comfortable and easy to handle. Your wrist and hand won't get fatigued using this knife.

Rosewood does have certain care requirements because it is a porous natural material. It is a best practice to always wash the knife blade and handle thoroughly after each use with water and a mild dish soap. Never soak these knives in water. Some of the Victorinox boning knives are dishwasher safe, but we don't recommend doing that. The knife can rattle against other utensils in the washer and dull the blade.

To keep the Victorinox rosewood handles in the beautiful condition, you can apply a food-grade mineral oil and buff the handles with a clean cloth. The oil will help to prevent the handles from drying, cracking, and absorbing blood and meat.

Prepare Your Finest Cuts of Meat with a Victorinox Boning Knife

If you've considered purchasing meat in bulk, for example buying a quarter of a beef cow, you know the first tool you need is a high-quality knife for butchering. With a blade length of six inches, the Victorinox knife is appropriate for cutting rib eyes, tenderloins, and roasts. Because the edge is so sharp, you'll be able to make precise cuts without hacking and sawing at your meat. This gives your cuts a professional appearance.

What is a Boning Knife Best Used For?

As the name implies, a boning knife serves the primary purpose of removing bones from meat. Boning knives tend to be a smaller knife style than larger types like a breaking knife that is used for separating joints and knuckles. In order to be efficient, a boning knife needs to be relatively thin and light. This allows the blade to cut between the bone and the meat without damaging either.

What we like most about this boning knife is the versatility. Not only is it excellent for de-boning a carcass, it works fantastically well for cubing meat that is going into the grinder, removing fat and tendons from larger cuts, and slicing perfectly smoked brisket or tri-tip. Finding one knife that can do all these things well is rare, and it's why our Victorinox knives have become so special to us.

Specials from the Bearded Butchers

We've already mentioned that we got the Victorinox engraved with our Bearded Butcher logo. This knife makes a great gift for someone you love or for yourself, and it'll bring you years of pleasure in the kitchen. We also have a bundle that includes the boning knife, the truing iron, and a leather sheath that protects the blade from damage when you store it in the drawer. The unique shape of the blade makes the scabbard an important pick up. This is a great package that ensures you'll get the most out of your boning knife.

Why We Think You'll Like This Knife

There is lots of hype out there about different products and what makes them better than others. We are going to put this as plainly as we can: the Victorinox boning knife is the best knife you'll use at any price point. The fact that this knife is very affordable only makes it a better deal. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy boning knife, but you don't have to. This is a great deal on a solid, dependable, strong knife that will hold up for years even in professional use.

There is nothing more dangerous than cutting meat with a dull blade. The fact that these knives can take an edge easily and will hold an edge speeds up the time on the cutting table which is something that is essential for food safety as well as for your mental health. Even if you aren't separating out primal cuts, you'll find this knife to be ideal for slicing and cutting all types of meat, fish, and poultry. The rosewood handles give the knife an elegant, upscale look while also making the knife easy and comfortable to use.

Far from being a one-trick pony, the Victorinox boning knife has found it's way into our hunting and fishing gear. It makes for one of the best all-around knives for gutting and skinning wild game and the thin, flexible blade makes gutting and filleting fish a piece of cake.

Final Thoughts

What we like most about this knife is that it can be used in so many different situations. It quickly has become the go-to knife on the cutting floor and it's our favorite knife to use in our own kitchen at home, too. We think that you'll love using this knife as much as we do.




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