The Bearded Butcher’s Gift Guide

The Bearded Butcher’s Gift Guide

Posted by Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co. on 7th Dec 2020

The Bearded Butchers make picking the perfect gift simple this holiday season. We’ve got all sorts of excellent gifts you’ll be happy to give any hunter or cook. Check out these great ideas to show your love and appreciation for those around you.

Stocking Stuffers

We’ve got some hot stocking stuffer gifts for you! These also make great ideas for office gift exchanges, secret Santa presents, and even everyday ways to show your appreciation. You’ll find the perfect way to share the best, all-natural flavors with everyone.

Bearded Butcher Blend Gift Card

Did you know you can fit the best seasonings, sauces, and gear for the ultimate cooking, grilling, and smoking experience in a holiday card? With the Bearded Butcher gift card, that’s exactly what you'll do. We have gift cards available for $25 all the way to $200. Buy one, buy several – heck, buy yourself one. It's the perfect gift everyone loves.

The Bearded Butcher Blend Seasonings and Sauce

Cold weather calls for warm, savory, spicy food; and our seasoning blends make for the perfect heart-warming stocking stuffers. Here are our holiday favorites:

Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning: Chipotle

This is one of our favorite seasonings to use around the holidays. It works exceptionally well on smoked turkey, and it adds a complex, mild, and smoky-sweet flavor everyone at your table will love. Our Chipotle blend is a delicious way to add flavor to a stocking.

Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning: Cajun

Our Cajun blend is a peppery, smoky all-natural seasoning absolutely perfect for all kinds of meat and side dishes. This seasoning blend is perfect on the grill. It’ll make a seared Cajun chicken breast your loved ones will brag about. It’s the perfect spice for someone nice!

Bearded Butcher Blend BBQ Sauce

Buy this for a stocking stuffer, or buy it by the half-gallon as a great gift for the serious grill master. This is the best BBQ sauce you will ever try. It’s thick, sweet, spicy, and smoky all at once. It’s simply delicious and you’ll find yourself making meals just to use it. Give the gift of flavor with our BBQ sauce.

Great Gifts From the Bearded Butchers

Have you got someone on your list you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for? Look no further! These gift ideas are perfect ways to show off Bearded Butcher pride and give someone a gift that is handy and awesome.

Bearded Butcher Coffee Mug

We took the best parts of a rugged camping mug and gave them style with our super cool logo. This is a heavy-duty metal mug with an attractive stoneware pattern. It’s great in the kitchen, on the patio, or around the campfire. This mug is a great gift for any coffee or tea drinker. It’s also perfect for hot cocoa on a crisp, winter morning.

Bearded Butcher Instant Read Thermometer

What gift could be better for a cook than the ultimate tool for cooking meat to perfection? The Bearded Butcher Instant Read Thermometer provides accurate internal temperatures, so you won’t overcook meat again. Its LCD screen is easy to read and displays in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. An included reference chart gives you the safe internal temperatures of any type of protein. And since the thermometer has a lifetime warranty, you're giving the gift of a lifetime of perfect cooking.

Gifts for the Field

Got an outdoorsy person on your list? The Bearded Butchers have some great gift ideas for bowhunters and enthusiasts to share with you. These are some of the things we use and love, and would be thrilled to get as gifts.

Outdoor Edge RazorMax Knife

The ultimate knife for any outdoor adventure, the RazorMax is versatile and convenient. It includes a selection of replaceable blades for skinning, slicing, and filleting. The rubberized handle is comfortable to hold and provides a steady grip even when slippery. It includes a nylon sheath and two lengths of blades. This might be the last knife you ever need for the outdoors.

RAGE X Crossbow Broadhead

One thing a crossbow hunter can never have too many of is a selection of quality broadheads. These ones from RAGE are our favorites for deer hunting. The broadhead has an improved design to prevent premature deployment of the mechanical blades, and the point design creates a massive impact point. We haven't found a better broadhead for crossbow hunting, and we know your favorite hunter will enjoy using these as much as we do.

CBE Tactic Micro Bow Sight

Accuracy is key, and nothing makes a bowhunter happier than precision. The bow sight from CBE is a favorite of ours, and a great gift idea. It features ultra-bright fiber optic pins, toolless adjustment, and it’s even ambidextrous. The CBE Tactic Micro Bow Sight is a great way to give your favorite hunter an edge on the range and in the field.

The Ultimate Gift Idea

When you need to get someone an over-the-top gift, there’s no better choice than our Ultimate Bearded Butcher Package. This package is loaded with all the good stuff. Like a selection of our best seasoning blends and sauces, a t-shirt and a snapback hat, our signature coffee mug, and a sticker with our cool logo on it. This ultimate gift idea will give your favorite grill master the complete package!

Gift giving shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but we know that it can be. It’s a challenge dealing with crowded stores and aggressive shoppers, and sometimes buying things online can be sketchy. The Bearded Butchers are here to help, and we hope this gift guide gives you great ideas for anyone on your list. We ship fast and package our items safely, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We're sure you'll love giving Bearded Butcher gifts as much as we love seeing our friends and family enjoy wonderfully cooked meals all year long.


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