ThermoPro TP-25 Review – Is it worth buying a multi-probe meat thermometer?

ThermoPro TP-25 Review – Is it worth buying a multi-probe meat thermometer?

Mar 30, 2023Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning Co.

After several seasons of using and abusing a ThermoPro 16 single-probe meat thermometer, it was time for an upgrade. The TP-16 is a basic thermometer system that has a control box with temperature read-outs and various preset temperatures for getting the perfect internal temperature. While it is effective and provides accurate temperature readings, there are many times when a more-advanced option can give better results.

The ThermoPro TP-25 is a four-probe meat thermometer system that includes a control box and Bluetooth connectivity that allows wireless monitoring. It has the same level of highly accurate readings but offers more flexibility and a few handy features like a backlit display. The TP-25 is a good value and offers plenty of useful features that make it an excellent addition to the grill, smoker, or fryer.

Multi vs Single Probe Meat Thermometers

A single-probe meat thermometer is ideal for keeping track of the temperature of a whole chicken or even a brisket. These devices are simple to use and make it easy to always get the perfect level of doneness. If we had to pick, our favorite one is  the MEATER Plus – hands down. With up to 165 feet of range, it can track your cook from just about anywhere. With 2 sensors and 1 probe, the MEATER Plus can monitor internal meat temperature and ambient grill temperature at the same time. The Advanced Estimator Algorithm even estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time.

The obvious downside is that you can only track one cut of meat at a time.

While we don't think it's completely necessary, a multiple-probe thermometer lets you monitor temperatures in multiple cuts or in multiple places on a larger cut for more accurate temperature control. A multiple-probe thermometer can also give you the option of monitoring ambient temperatures in the smoker or grill while keeping an eye on your protein.

Is it worth buying a multi-probe meat thermometer?

Only a few years ago, the price between a single-probe and a multi-probe thermometer was a big deal. Today, you can get great deals on multiple-probe wireless meat thermometers like the TP-25 which also offer wireless connectivity at a highly-competitive price.

The added functionality and the ability to use your smartphone for monitoring the temperatures make the decision to choose a multiple-probe thermometer over a single-probe design an easy choice.

ThermoPro TP-25 Review

thermopro tp-25 box

The ThermoPro TP-25 comes packaged in a substantial box that provides the most important information in an easy-to-reference format. The packaging shows the controller and highlights the most important modes.

Inside, each of the four stainless steel probes is individually wound on an included storage holder that helps prevent a tangle of wires in your drawer. The package also includes a USB charging cable and two grill clips for accurate ambient temperature monitoring.

The main control box is basic and features a large LCD display that coincides with one of each of the color-coded and numbered probes. A large button on the front panel turns on the backlighting, while a power on/off button and a Bluetooth button is on the back. The controller includes a wire bail on the back that can function as a stand or a hanger simply by rotating it.

How the TermoPro TP-25 Works

The TP-25 offers preset temperatures for nine common proteins as established by the United States Department of Agriculture. These include Poultry, Beef, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham, Fish, Lamb, and Turkey. Each of the preset values is also customizable so you can target the desired temperature every time.

The TP-25 will even estimate the amount of time remaining by comparing the rate at which the current temperature has been reached. These two features take almost all of the guesswork out of the process and help to ensure the meat's internal temperature range is where it needs to be.

Each of the four color-coded probes is dual-function so it can read an internal temperature or an ambient temperature range. The probes are 8.5 inches long, straight, and made from food-grade stainless steel. The probes have a temperature range of 32 degrees to 572°F (0-300°C). ThermoPro certifies the temperature accuracy to be +/- 1.8°F – we tested it against our instant-read thermometer and it seemed pretty spot-on. The probe wires are not waterproof, so they should not be immersed in water past the knurled end cap.

The probes can be used independently so you are not stuck using all four probes at once when you only need one or two of them. The temperature ranges for each probe are displayed in one of four boxes on the main control unit. Each probe is also numbered in addition to the color coding which is shown on the face of the controller. This makes it simple to connect the right probe to the right port on the controller.

Some of the neat features include the ability to set pre-alarm notifications so you are ready when the internal temperature is correct. Pre-alarms can be set in five-degree increments from 5-15 degrees. An alarm history makes tracking multiple probes more convenient and is also a great way to help record your cooking process so you can repeat it in the future.

The TP-25 has a built-in High/Low ambient temperature alarm that is particularly handy when using a charcoal smoker to control swings in temperature.

The ThermoPro BBQ App

The ThermoPro TP-25 has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that communicates to your smartphone using the free ThermoPro BBQ app available for iOS and Android users. The first time that the app is opened, you'll be asked to pair the TP-25. The TP-25 uses a 2.4 gHz Wi-Fi signal, so make sure to switch your device from 5G before beginning the process. Once you press "Start Pairing," the process takes just a few seconds. The app then displays all four temperature probes so you can easily see the current temperatures.

The app does more than just display temps – it can actually help you be a better cook. The app provides a real-time graph that makes it easy to see how the temperature of your meat has changed over time. This can be useful for examining when a protein hits a stall temperature or when ambient air temperature fluctuates and the information is very useful for planning future cooks.

Bluetooth range is advertised at 650ft for the newest variation of the TP-25, while older models are advertised with a range of 500ft. The range is determined by the types of obstructions between the control box and your phone, the speed and quality of your internet connection, and a variety of other factors, so results might vary.

We tested it by setting the controller up at the smoker and went for a walk. The TP-25 did not disconnect at any time no matter what room we were in or whether we were out front or down the street. The app will notify you when you get too far from the controller so you will at least know when it has disconnected.

Pros and Cons of the TP-25

As with any product, there are things that make the TP-25 wireless meat thermometer an excellent option and there are things about it that you might want to know before purchasing that could become issues later on.

The ThermoPro TP-25 offers a total of four probes that allow independent monitoring of proteins and ambient grill temperature. The stainless steel probes are accurate and easy to care for. The base unit offers a large, easy-to-read LCD display with a backlight function that makes it convenient to use and easy to quickly check temperatures.

The best thing about this inexpensive meat thermometer offering is that it includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can remotely monitor temperatures from as far away as 650 ft. Remote monitoring makes this a great upgrade over single-probe meat thermometers and instant-read thermometers.

thermopro set up

The variety of modes, features, and preset values ensures you won't be guessing about when your roast is roasted. We particularly like the unique color codes for each of the thermocouple probes. They just look more professional than designs with highlighter colors.

However, there are a few things that make this one not ideal. One of the first things you may have an issue with is the wire bail on the back that serves as a stand or a hanger. When you have all four probe wires attached, the base unit is very unstable and won't reliably sit on a counter or shelf on the bail. It just doesn't weigh enough.

Similarly, when you are using the TP-25 on the grill, the best option is to hang the base unit from the wire bail. That means the control box is not typically in a very convenient place for hands-free viewing. In some instances, the stiffness of the wires led to the control box falling from a shelf or not hanging very securely from the handle of the smoker. The older TP-16 single probe design included a magnet on the back that worked well on the stove but wasn't always ideal on the smoker.

While we like the colors of the probes, it can also be difficult to tell the colors apart in dim or darkly lit areas. We wouldn't change the colors, but it is something to consider if your eyes are not that great at differentiating between subtle color differences.

Our final gripe about the probes is that they are rather long and heavy. The straight design isn't quite as convenient as designs like the TP-16 that have a bend.

Final Thoughts on the TermoPro TP-25 and Single vs Multi-Probe Meat Thermometers

The older TP-16 meat thermometers are a great design and are among the cheapest options around when it comes to Bluetooth thermometers. They offer excellent accuracy, so we were not surprised at all by the performance of the upgraded ThermoPro TP-25.

The addition of true wireless meat thermometer capabilities means this meat thermometer is even more convenient to use. If it can withstand the abuse of being used on the smoker and grill, the griddle, and the oven for as long as the TP-16 has made it, this design will be one of the best bargains you'll find.

If you're looking for high-quality and high-performance, we obviously still recommend our go-to – the MEATER Plus. But if you're looking for something a little more budget friendly and you want to try out a multi-probe thermometer, the TermoPro TP-25 won't let you down. 


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