The Bearded Butchers

Bearded Butcher Blend Zesty Lime Shaker


6 oz. Shaker

Tangy & Mouthwatering, The Bearded Butcher's Zesty Lime Blend, infused with tangy lime and savory seasonings, adds a bright, refreshing pop of flavor to lighter dishes. Perfect for fish, shrimp tacos, guacamole, chip dips, and more, this seasoning is guaranteed to elevate any meal to the next level. We love it on fresh fish or tortilla chips!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Onion and Garlic, Makrut Lime Leaf Type Flavor (Tapioca Starch, Dextrose, Natural Flavor, Canola Oil), Spices (Including Paprika, Celery Seed), Citric Acid, Rice Flour, Natural Spice Extractive.

Our Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning is free of anti-caking agents, and MSG, giving you a pure and natural seasoning that's perfect for elevating your dishes. So get creative and explore new ways to use this blend, and discover the unbeatable taste of stepping up your game.

Customer Reviews

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Graham Cox

I prefer where salt is the third or fourth ingredient vs 1st because it is too salty when you get enough lime punch. The food industry overloads us with salt because its cheap and heavy. Same goes for sugar. You guys can do better?

Michael Irving

Bearded Butcher Blend Zesty Lime Shaker

Vicki Dwinell

Have not tried, gift for Mar 18th Birthday

Bart Klonizos
Zesty Shaker

Love this flavor! I worked as a commercial fisherman for many years and have tried all kinds of flavor combinations for fish. This stuff works on Shrimp, halibut, tuna, and cod. Can't wait to catch some trout to try it. If your scared of how to season fish get the zesty use it and enjoy!

Matthew Geiser

It was awesome on chicken wings