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Jalapeno Cheddar SMOKED Sausage DIY Bundle


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Are you ready to step up your bratwurst game to the next level? We've put together the ultimate in flavor bombs - Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage with savory spices, creamy cheddar cheese, rich hickory smoke flavor and spicy Jalapenos! Cure with traditional Sodium Nitrite cure or add Natural Celery and Cherry Powders.

This kit includes:

  • 1 pack Salt and Pepper Seasoning - 9oz for 25 lbs
  • 1 pack of 32mm Smoked Sausage Collagen Casing (2 strands) to stuff 25 lbs
  • 1 pack of Dried Jalapeño Flakes and Powder
  • 1 pack of High Temp Diced Cheddar Cheese - 2.5lb to add to 25 lbs of meat.
  • 1 pack of Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor Powder - 3oz for 25 lbs of meat.
  • 1 pack of Pink Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt - 1 oz for 25 lbs meat 


Optional - use Natural Celery Powder & Cherry Powder Cure instead of Pink Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dan L.
Great Tasting Suasage - The casings are pretty tough

I made 25 lbs of elk sausage with 20 lbs of elk, 3.5 lbs of pork butt, and 1.5 lbs of pork fat. The flavor is fantastic, but the casings, while easy to use, are a little tough. They are firmly spicy. I will definitely make this again!

Josh Weaver
Great bundle

Great bundle of everything you need to make 25 pounds of yummy sausage. Convenient packaging to get it all in one place and not have to run all over town looking for ingredients.

Paul Murrill
Casing too tough

The casing is far tougher than it needs to be, even if you were hanging it like they do there's no need for it to be that thick. The seasoning blend is phenomenal but you can feel how tough the skin is with your teeth when eating it. its also somewhat tough to cut through. I will absolutely use this again next year but i will source my cases from elsewhere.

Ralph Hayden
Jalapeño Cheese Smoked sausage

Easy instructions, nicely packed. We ended up switching to real hog casings after one run through the press. Not a fan of the cellulose.

Nathan Minnicks
Amazing Company & Product

This kit was amazing! It had everything I needed, and the flavors are amazing. This kit is delicious and I would recommend it to anyone can’t wait to shop around and buy some more and explore some other flavors too!