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Tailgater Bratwurst DIY Bundle


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One of our most popular bratwurst flavors at Whitefeather Meats, our Tailgater Bratwurst bundle is now available to you! A bit of a local legend, our tailgater brats are mild, cheesy, and without heat, but burst with a mix of classic bratwurst flavors and tangy, savory spices.

Just add 25 lbs of your favorite protein and you'll have our proprietary brats right in your own home. We make them with pork, but they're great with beef, bison, venison and elk too!

This kit includes:

  • 1 pack Bearded Butcher Tailgater Seasoning (10oz) for 25 lbs
  • 1 pack of Bratwurst size 32mm Collagen Casing (2 strands) for 25 lbs
  • 1 pack of High Temp Diced Swiss Cheese - (2.5lb) for 25 lbs
  • (You can add smoke powder if you want a little extra smoky flavor but you don't have to. They're great either way!)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bratwurst bundle

Everyone loves the brats. We used Bison and Pork. We raise the bison.

Ron Moulder
tailgater brats

just made the tailgater bratwurst with deer grind,all I can say is its the best bratwurst I ever made,and I will definitely be a future customer .

Mike Herz
A new sausage champion

The jalapeno and cheddar was always my go to for taste, still supper good but OMG the Tailgater with Swiss in my new go to. Amazing flavor and the swiss puts it over the top. I smoked mine before packaging it which I highly recommend. just got into processing my own sausages and snack sticks. I have always done my own elk, deer and bear as far as steak and hamburger, but I have grown weary of meat processors and the their prices. So I took the plunge and built my own DIY factices, walk-in cooler, process and prep area and the my crown jewel a 100 lb. capacity smoker. With the DIY kits from BB I have completed my goal of self sufficient meat processing. Thanks for making it soon easy, consistent and efficient. Forever a customer.

Andy Mahoney
Tailgater Bratwurst DIY bundle

First time using this blend and making my own bratwurst. It was extremely easy and they tasted fantastic! I will be ordering again!

Bratwurst made easy

Ordered the tailgaters diy bundle. Shipping was fast witch was handy because we were processing my elk at the time. Instructions were very easy to follow and everything was there. Made 25 pounds and came out with 140 bratwurst. Cooked up a few and the flavor was the best I've found so far. Can't wait to try more of there flavorings