The Bearded Butchers

Victorinox 8" Breaking Knife w/ Black Fibrox Handle


This 8" Victorinox Breaking knife is one of the preferred large butcher/breaking knives of The Bearded Butchers. It is primarily used for carcass breakdown, as just the right size to handle while separating large primal sections for further breakdown.

The 10" Victorinox Breaking Knife is the largest butcher/breaking knife used by The Bearded Butchers. This knife is preferred for cutting larger steaks and roasts, giving smooth, clean slices through large sections, resulting in great looking cuts of meat.

Combined with the 6" Rosewood Handle Victorinox Boning Knife, these knives are the workhorses you need to tackle carcass breakdown and butchering of most species, up to and including large beef and bison.

  • Smooth blade with curved razor sharp 8" edge
  • Ships in safe clamshell packaging
  • Slip Resistant Fibrox Nylon TPE Handle
  • Made in Switzerland
  • NSF Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Micheal Rudniski
Disappointed big time

The knife came as full as a butter knife and it couldn't get an edge from my good sharpener. Waste of my money and my wife says it's like it was a made for tv gimmick knife. Absolutely disappointed after watching the videos of the carving...sold me, and tried using it to just trim the silver off my deer backstrap, and a butter knife was just the same.

Shawn Okitkun

Not as sharp out of the box as my other knives, but after sharpening it was all good.

Marty Morgan

Love it just used it yesterday and it was great. And the 6 inch boning knife was great too

8inch knife

I'm very happy with the knife I'm disappointed that I didn't notice it didn't hand the bearded butcher logo as I assumed they all did and wanted to show my support. However that's completely my fault for selecting that one.
Keep up the good work and appreciate you guys.


As I my self being a butcher the knives are great!