The Bearded Butchers

Bourbon Flavor Powder 2.5oz


Bearded Butchers Bourbon Flavor Powder is a tasty new ingredient we're introducing, intended for bratwursts, jerky, snack sticks and more! The flavor comes from real bourbon, and is a quick and easy flavor booster for your favorite DIY meats. 

Each packet of Bearded Butchers Bourbon Flavor Powder contains 2.5 oz and is recommended to be used for flavoring 25 lb of meat

The Bearded Butchers at Whitefeather Meats use this exact bourbon flavor in their commercial butcher shop to make Bourbon Maple Bratwursts! 

Customer Reviews

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James Huff

Love the added flavor to the brats I use it in!!

Jed Weiss
Great flavor!

I made Bourbon, Blue Cheese and Black Pepper snack sticks, which are delicious.
When i opened up the packet of Bourbon Flavor Powder the aroma was like pouring bourbon in a glass.


The maple bourbon bratwurst are OK. I think if the amount of bourbon flavor was decreased, it would help the overall flavor. The bourbon is a little overpowering..

A bang for your buck

This flavor is bold and very identical to liquid bourbon you buy out the store. Highly recommend!!! I Use this on wings, etc

James Dean
A little for a lot.

Very small quantity at a ridiculous price. Company claims one packet will do 25 lbs. It may, but you won’t taste it, especially if used on smoked meat. Smoking completely overpowers any bourbon flavor. Save your money & buy some Jack.

We make the claim the product does 25 pounds because it does and it's PLENTY of flavor - we determined this through in house testing. There's even a youtube video on it! In fact, one bag per 25 pounds is almost so much flavor it will overpower anything else. To date we've made and sold several thousand pounds of house made bratwurst in our butcher shop using this exact formula. - reply was submitted by Scott