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Butter Blend Jerky Seasoning Kit DIY Bundle

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Planning to make your own jerky at home? Look no further! The Bearded Butcher Butter Blend Jerky seasoning kit can be mixed with 25 pounds (11.4 kg) of your favorite meat to make beef jerky, deer jerky, or any other jerky at home.

Our Butter Blend seasoning kit has smoke flavor optional (though highly recommended) and comes with a packet of sodium nitrite pink cure so it's all here! If you want to make jerky with 506 celery juice powder instead of sodium nitrite, that's sold separately here.

Silky Smooth, our Bearded Butcher Blend Butter Blend jerky kit is a great choice for all types of jerky!

Instructions for use:

1) Open small packet of sodium nitrite pink cure and add to larger bag of seasoning.

2) Add entire bag of seasoning and pink cure to 25 lb of meat.

3) Mix and make jerky. If you need help making jerky, watch the following video:

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Maryann Deuschle
Butter Blend Jerky

Oh my this is just as awesome as the other two I have tried....Brock and Original...these fellas have it going on...
I will definitely be back