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Bearded Butcher Cajun Flavor Snack Sticks DIY Bundle


We've got bundles now for our Various flavors of Snack Sticks. Highly customizable, this is a perfect way to get you started making delicious snack sticks with Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning.

The Cajun seasoning is a great peppery and complex flavor, but go ahead and experiment by adding some of our popular choices like high temp diced cheese (try Cajun and Hot Pepper Jack Cheese combo!) or jalapeño powder by selecting from the options. Great for beef, bison, and wild game like venison, elk and antelope. The combinations are endless!

The Cajun Snack Stick recipe using this kit can be found here

This kit includes:

1 pack Cajun Bearded Butcher Seasoning (13oz) for 25 lbs of meat

1 pack 17mm Mahogany Smoke Stick Collagen Casings (4 strands) for 25 lbs

1 pack Sodium Nitrite Curing Salt (1oz) for 25 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christopher Leblanc
Coming from a cajun

Growing up on a Cajun family close to Louisiana Texas border the seasoning is good great flavor profile gonna try more of the DIY products

Billy Fallin
They were awsome

Turned out perfect
The key to getting thru 10mm stuffing horn is getting right consistency in meat
Had to use a bit more water than instructions said
Everyone was very pleased with flavor
Just ordered sweet Smokey spicy bundle going to be interesting flavor to try

Cory Linden
Cajun Venison Sticks

My friends and family enjoy the Cajun flavored venison snack sticks. Not sweet and just a light peppery kick in my opinion. I thought it was a balanced mix of salt, sugar and spices. I tended to like spice stuff. I too real enjoy this flavor. As I hate sweet sticks/jerky. Will buy again! Thanks from Minnesota.

Bryan Provo
Great Flavors, Fair price, easy to use

Everyone like the flavors. I wish they had 12.5lb batch sizes. Works with the size of Traeger grill a little better instead of trying to split it all up. When shipping bulk, please keep ingredients together. The way it shipped to me one could easily make a mistake. Otherwise, Awesome!!! 5 starts for sure.

Stephen Bartleson
Venison meat sticks

Like Stalekracker would say that’s money dude!
Came out perfect for me great way to use up my ground deer meat from last year! Will definitely be trying other products thanks guys !! Steve!